In a creative mood…

I was inspired by this outstanding FREE printable poster designed by Jasmine Jones. I printed it and my thought was to frame it and hang it somewhere in my workspace, but… accidentally one of my photos fell down on this print and then the idea came…

cozy sweaters

The poster itself already gave this amazing autumn feeling, my thing was to not to ruin this fabulous design. I grabbed few things from various Studio Calico scrapbook kits and fabulous gold splashes rub-ons and skinny tape designed by Ashley Goldberg for her upcoming classes Paint.Plan.Play. It was easy – collect few layers, add a quick note and fallish photo. Yes, I was truly inspired by this printable. I encourage you to try use this poster to create something yours! Try to stay true to your style and give this design a piece of yourself! Share it with us! Tag your project with #SCinspires on social media and win a prize!!!

cozy detail

Remember my latest post with Studio Calico blog hop and my giveaway? (BTW – you still can leave your comment below THIS POST and win the ‚Underground’ scrapbook kit here, on my blog!). You have enough time till the end of October to take part in this contest!


1. Download FREE printable (this autumn poster from my today’s layout).

2. Share a photo and tag it #scinspires. In your photo caption, explain why this is inspiring. It can be a photo of you and your free printable or anything else from Studio Calico that inspires you! Please make sure all shared posts are set to PUBLIC.

3. Tell your friends! The more uses of the hashtag #scinspires, the more prizes we will give away! Be sure to check back here on our blog every Friday to see how we’re doing!


And more happy news today! I already remind you about the October contest and now… there are NEW classes at Studio Calico - GRATITUDE|DOCUMENTED leading by Shanna Noel!


It’s easy to feel content during the holidays, but do you remember to be grateful all year long? In Gratitude Documented, Shanna Noel will guide you through a series of prompts, videos, and more so that recording the seasons of gratitude from your life will be easy and enjoyable. Reflect on and recognize the themes of family, love, and personal triumph that resonate with you. Let’s come together and remember that there is so much to be grateful for.


Grabbed these amazing supplies! There are lots of them in the SC shop, I will write about these from the picture above:

Gratitude|Documented is enrolling now through November 30th at 11:59pm EST. The first lesson will be posted on November 1st.


Studio Calico autumn Blog Hop!!!

Hey, hello and welcome! What a great day today, what an amazing news I have for you this time, what a surprise and RAD prize I have!!! I should start this post: ‚ho, ho, ho!’, but it’s a different season :) Starting from the begining… We are here together with my friends from Studio Calico Creative Team because of HUGE blog hop organized by SC. We are launching a giveaway called #SCInspires.

SC blog hop autumn

If you want to take part in a giveaway, first what you should do is to DOWNLOAD this FREE Studio Calico fall printable >>> HERE. Studio Calico is giving away over $1,400 in prizes drawn from the people who download this printable. All the details about SC giveaway you can find on the SC blog (it will be updateing every Friday).

100 shares = 1 month subscription
200 shares = 2 month subscription
2,000 = Silhouette Portrait
2,500 = 25 lucky winners will receive a 1 month subscription and gold WRMK album!!!


The topic of this blog hop is based on inspiration. Together with Studio Calico we are so curious what inspired you most among the SC products. You can choose anything fromThe Underground‚ kits, from the SC shop, it can also be anything from digital store, it depends on you. We want you to share your inspirational photos on you Instagram or Facebook or on Pinterest and tag it with #SCInspires hushtag. Contest ends 10/31/14 at 11:59PM Eastern.

I also want to share with you will my latest biggest inspiration. I am monthly in love with lots of Studio Calico exclusives but In October ‚The Underground’ digitals are my number one on the inspirational list, I mixed them all with main Underground scrapbook kit!

autumn 1

hello fall 1

like maybe 1

PRINTABLES, CUT FILES and TEMPLATES are outstanding this month. I used them on all of my ‚Underground’ layouts and I can share them definitely as my #SCInspires products.

Now it’s your turn! Share a happy inspired news and win great prizes!!! Once again, becasue you have to be sure what to do to win (lots of people will be winning till the end of this month, so there are many chances for all of you, it’s worth to take part in this giveaway).

  • DOWNLOAD this FREE printable
  • to win the bigger prizes and to get another chance to win – share a photo on your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and tag it with this #SCInspires hushtag.
  • contest deadline – until 11:59 pm EST on 10/31/14

One more good news for you my readers!!!

I HAVE a SPECIAL giveaway prize only for you!!!

You can win the oryginal Studio CalicoThe Underground scrapbook kit here, on my blog!!! The ONLY thing you have to do is to LEAVE a COMMENT under this blog post with your Studio Calico username.

At the end of the month, before the November reveal at 10/26/14, I will choose and announce the winner from my blog.

Be sure to download the printable to be qualified for the bigger prizes too!

Check out the blogs of my SC friends to increase your chance to win more kits!

Celine Navarro
Stephanie Bryan
Emily Branch
Natalie Elphinstone
Dana F.Lilin Fang
Anna-Maria Wolniak [it's me! you are here]
Agnieszka Małyszek
Barbara Picinich
Kerri Bradford
Jenn Picard
Tracy Armstrong
Liz Tamanha
Marcy Penner
Robyn Werlich
Suzy Plantamura
Lexie Bridges
Maggie Holmes
Shanna Noel

Paige Evans


…forgot about the dream


I forgot to publish my last project made with ‚The Underground’ kits. How it’s possible?! You already saw a piece of it when I published sneak peeks… something about the main idea of this A4 layout. The photo was my inspiration. I made it during our family trip to Prague at the begining of April. We were sleeping in a beautiful apartament at the old tenement house just under the Hradcany Castle. The morning light was falling directly at my little boy…

dreamy wonderland

I wanted to get an effect of a foggy dream. I took the photo just before he woke up, so the atmosphere of the layout should be hazy, somewhere between reality and dream – it was my intention. That’s why I combined multiple, pale layers, mixed them with custom velllum and exclusive flower patternred vellum from the main scrapbook kit. I also re-used the glasine bag as a one of the layers under the photo.

dreamy 3

The ‚xoxo’ sticker is also made with vellum and I stamped this fabulous round ‚goodnight kisses’ stamp on a piece of vellum. I am quite satisfied with the final effect of my work. It was so nice palying with all these layers and finally get the effect of homogeneous composition with only few pops of black shade here & there.

+     +     +

Please don;t forget to sign up for these new Studio Calico classes. I feel it in my veins that it will be something extraordinary! Besides SC shop is still full of brand new goodies – both – for art journaling designed by Ashley G and christmasy stamps, die-cuts and letterpressplates prepared for ‚Send Joy’ classes!

logo_square_300kdjfg     logo_square_300

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I do even if you are not emotionally involved with my baby :) I wish you all a beautiful day full of warm, autumn sun.



interview with love…

One of my favourite scrapper and beloved friend from the scrapbook industry  – Lizzy Kartchner - tagged me in a  Q&A blog tour. She sent me few questions which I will try to answer in today’s post. Thank you Elizabeth for push me in it! :)
BTW – earlier I was tagged also by Lory but I didn’t have enough time to play between my trips, but thank you too my friend for that nomination :*


   1. What am I working on right now?

Well – like usually, I am working on a few things at the moment. I don’t like to focus all my mind into only one project. So right now I am painting a really huge paiting to my living room. I am working on it at my friend’s workshop (he is a painter and we know eachother for a long time, since our studies), becasue I don;t have enough place at my flat. The second big things is – that I am writting a new article for French entreARTistes magazine about some new media and simplet techniques plus, I’m illustrating it with three various scrapbook projects.

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

Usually a layout takes me 2 or 3 hours. It depends if I am using lots of different media or if it’s a clean &  simple one (yep, I almost can see this smile on your faces ‚she doesn’t creat c&s pages!’). So yes – it takes me a while to grab all the things, print the photos and start the creative process.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

Of course paper + various paints. You know how much I am in love with watercolour media like: ecolines, neocolors, gelatos, mists, sprinklers, refillers, etc… now I am also interested in acrylics so I am looking for new ideas according to this new medium in my scrapbooking drawer.

4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

This is interesting and I have no idea if I can easily answer on this question. It would be easier to write when I am not inspired at all (you know, there are some days during every month that you prefer to lay on a coutch and you don;t want to be inspired by anything) :) I am constantly inspired by everything what is around me. B y the weather and the season of the year, by the light, by my son, by my friends… I am often inspired by fashion, design, TV commercials. Of course I adore Pinterest – when I am lost I love to dive into various mood boards and look for… anything, because anything or everything can be an inspiration.
I can count on my monthly inspiration from Studio Calico, always. When I receive my monthly box full of scrapbook goodies I always feel inspired by the exclusive products, new colours. Sometimes it’s a challenge for me when the packages are full of various patterns and shades which are not my favorites, but I appreciate that and usually it forces me to stay focus and I make pretty nice projects than.

5. What is my signature style?

Yyyyyy… not ‚messy’, not very ‚artsy’… I think it’s a perfect mix of harmony in forms and colours with a pop of artistic touch on them. Watercolours and subtle palettes are my recognition elements, or maybe I’m wrong?! I don’t know, I can’t define myself in any words.


6I am tagging my favourite cardmakers and great artist – Danielle Flanders and my dear friend Mona Głód – Polish scrapbooker and PL-maker. See you next Monday on their blogs!


Anna-Maria en España!!!

I am extremely excited that once again I will be able to spend time with YOU my Spanish chicas! This time I prepared some new techniques, new media and new tools for the classes!!!

Bambola Noviembre kopia kopia

En esta ocasión la tendremos en la tienda de Tres Cantos en Madrid (Comercio, 13 28760 Tres Cantos Madrid) , será  el 22 de Noviembre y tendremos talleres distintos por la mañana y por la tarde. Así que si quieres pasar todo el día empapándote de las novedades y tendencias en scrapbooking, estos son tus talleres!!!

These classes will take place in brand new Bambola shop in Tres Cantos (believe me, after renovation this space look amazing!!!) at November 22nd (Saturday). We will start at 10.00 with TWO layouts classes. During this workshop I will introduce to to the new media and techniques related to ACRYLIC paints. I will focus at the easiest ones – for a good start – like ‚impasto’, ‚sgraffito’ and dry brushing. You will be also improving your watercolour skills. I will repeat the ‚watercolour cloud’ technique to those who didn’t attend my class earlier and help to be a master in this topic to those who already know how it all works.

During the second class in the afternoon we will combine a mini album. As well as during morning classes we will try to incorporate some Christmas mood using fun and fancy embellishments. It will be a tiny, A6 mini book with December elements in the oryginal, sophisticated palette which you didn’t try before for sure. I will prepare nice paper, awesome journaling cards, nice die-cuts and some interesting letterpress plates. I will also show you how to use various nibs and colour inks to create some extraordinary inscriptions in your mini albums.

At the end October I will share some more informations and sneak peeks. This time the sponsores of the classes will be my beloved Studio Calico and brand new european American Crafts Inc. distributor from Poland – ArtWorkshop! If you have any question please ask.

To sign up for the classes please write here: bambolatrescantos@bambolacasacreativa.es to Bambola shop or call:  91 786 41 78

+     +      +


Hi girls! This is a first layout sneak peek! As I wrote you earlier I’m preparing two layouts for a first class – one with some new acrylic techniques and the second to move your watercolour skills to the next level or to introduce  this technique to those who don’t know it all. In this christamsy layout we will be working with gesso base and various watercolour media: mists, sprinklers, ecolines and watercolours plus – things you will bring in your stash!



We will be painting, scrabbing, blending colours, make splashes and watercolour clouds! Important thing is – that you will need good, sharp and small scissors for this class!” I hope that this first sneak make your decision. Soon I will come back with next close ups and directions about new techniques.

Another important information for you is that some new, amazing companies joined to this class!!! I can officially announce that not only Studio Calico and ArtWorkshop AC Inc. distributor will bring you class supplies… In you class kits you will be able to find remarkable and your favourite October Afternoon ‚Silent Night’ goodies!!! The last company which will join us I will leave for the next announcement, but I can only say, that you will be excited!


Paint. Plan. Play.

Here they are!!! NEW Studio Calico ART JOURNAL classes leading by… ASHLEY GOLDBERG!!! How exciting is it?!


We’ve all experienced it – the frustration of sitting in front of a blank page for hours and still coming up empty. Well, we’ve got the remedy: cutting-edge artist Ashley Goldberg. Ashley’s come wielding her brush and paints to invite you into Paint.Plan.Play, an “art” class designed for scrapbookers. Grab the paints and brushes you’ve been collecting and let Ashley help you tap into the creativity you’ve got hiding inside yourself.

During the first half of Paint.Plan.Play, you’ll explore core painting techniques Ashley uses every day, then you will transition into putting those new skills to use in several projects. With Ashley’s expert guidance, you will learn how to take control of color, pattern, and text by using paint, collage, and various other mediums to add allure to all your paper crafting projects – from personally designed journal layouts to Project Life spreads. ‚



4 technique videos from Ashley sharing tips and tricks for painted backgrounds, mark making, stamping and working with patterned paper.

a PDF from Ashley sharing how she uses her painted pages to create an Art Planner.

Inspiration PDFs from our expert contributors sharing 10 ideas for using these paint techniques on art journal pages, layouts and Project Life® spreads

Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students.

Weekly challenges to inspire you to use what you’ve learned.

This is an amaying oportunitz to learn from the bests (do you know that one of the contributors in this class is my favourite art-journaler artist – Katie Licht?!!!!!!!). I was always impressed by Ashley’s work and I think that this so great that with these fabulous lessons we can also buy some of her exclusive designs directly from the SC shop! These are my totally favourite (but there are much more HERE!).

Ashley stamps

PATTERN DOTS                                    ALPHABET                                   STARRYNIGHT

+     +     +

AshleyG gadgets

                         SILKSCREEN              WOOD VENEER SHAPES                 GOLD SPLATTERED RUB ON

+     +     +

If you are still on a fence with your decision (really?! are you?!!!), if you… these are few of my art-journal pages made some time ago… I was waiting for such mobilization :)




If you want to try don;t wait, enroll now to this fabulous PAINT.PLAN.PLAY class with an extraordinary leading lady and great contributors! I am already in and I am waiting impantiently for a box full of class goodies which are already ordered.

+     +     +

Oh, I forgot about this SET of PATTERNED PAPERS designed by Ashley!!!


and SET of new MINI MISTS!!!


By the way – I am going to use my Color Theory acrylic paints a lot during this class as well!!!! OMG, I am sooooo excited!!!


Summer reminiscences.

To be true I still some projects made with ‚The Underground’ kits which I didn’t show you during the reveal. I decided to post only these autumnal ones and leave other for the next post. Of course October kits are fabulous for all ‚fall feeling’ projects, but they are also great for summer photos! Today I show you one of the summerish ‚The Underground’ pages I made before the reveal time.

just go

I was inspired by these awesome rub-ons from the ‚King’s Cross’ scrapbook add-on. I found few simmilar yellow shades in the other ‚Piccadilly‚ and ‚Notting Hill‚ addons. I grabbed them all together, mixed with one of my favourites blue/gray colour and some other, neutral details.

just go 4

I encourage you to watch at the project in details, they are not very visible when you are looking at the whole layout. The elements are so subtle so it’s hard to see them at the first sight. I covered the pattern paper using an old ‚paper material’ (I don;t know how you call it in English, but this is kind of fabric made with paper, I took it from my latest ZARA order), I used this extraordinary flower stamps designed by Kim and embossed it using white ZINK powder from the SC shop.

just go 1

I collected here all my favourite elements like vellum phrases (can you see it? at the bottom of the photograph…) and vellum poscket, exclusive stickers and this fancy ‚2o14′ clip…

just go 2

… and of course the brad with a feather, oh, so lovely! Thank you so much for spend your free time here and watch the details :* As you can see, ‚The Underground’ kits are not monotonous, I was just concentrate on my fallish photos and I stuck in a autumnal palette. Hope that all of you will find something interesting for yourself among these sets.


‚The underground’ reveal.


Please welcome October’s sets combined by Studio Calico – ‚The Underground‚ presale for subscribbers is here!!! I could write a lot about these kits as always but I think that posting the projects is a better idea. You may think that I make a lot simmilar pages but I decided at the begining of my work that I want to stay in an autumn mood in all of them. Mainly – these are not my colours, not even the shades are my favourite ones, but… I really love fall so this month’s digitals, Marcy’s cut files and printables gave me a whole bunch of possibilities to create something nice. I would like to share them with you today.

like maybe you are magic

Starting with [Main Kit Only] projects. On this layout I used a digital template designed by Paige Evans to create a stitching stencil. I combined few papers in palette from the photo (yep, the old one with ‚hair’, but I love it and I think the mood of a ‚gold fall’ here is just perfect), and I used brand new, exclusive and amazing silkscreen from the main ‚Underground’ and exclusive GOLD acrylic Color Theory paint to make this print! To be true – these gold shades look fabulous in reality, I can’t make the perfect photo to show you the real effect, what a loss…

autumn leaves

This is a perfect project to show how you can mix various media. I used here: neocolors, acrylics, watercolours, mists, sprinklers, ecolines and peerless watercolours… oh and white uni-ball pen! ha! everything on a gesso base – one of my favourites. You can also find here lots of layers – diffirent patterned papers from the main kit, exclusive vellum with metallic, floral print. I was palying with these cute cut file leaves designed by Marcy Penner and some of her printables as well. Oh, and I embossed the stamp on the photo! Oh my, I had no idea that I made so many things out there! And of course the photo – I know, I know – this is soooooo cute :) It would be great if he could be such lovely forever!

you are loved

This is the first project where I mixed the main ‚Underground’ kit with it’s add-ons: Piccadilly, Notting Hill and King’s Cross. I was palying with this set of exclusive, fancy wood veneer triangles and stamps! I have to admit that a bundle of Color Theory ink pads was never such helpful before! I mixed wooden brown with jade green and navy shades and I added a pop of gold to finished the effect of perfect autumn palette here.

hello fall

Once again I used the ‚make magic’ silkscreen from the main kit to create a print. Layers, mix of pattern papers and vellum, some gold pops and stamping leaves – all of these elements created a nice, fallish page. Hope you feel the same smell of autumn in the air as I :) it was a nice time spend with the ‚Underground’ kits, now it’s your turn guys!


‚Underground’ sneaks!

We are oficically welcome fall with October ‚Underground’ Studio Calico kits. This is serious – I stuck among  the autumnal photographs I made previous years. I had to use something old because in Poland we still have a summer weather and I really wanted to create something seasonal this time.

Starting with my monthly subjective mood board (once again – all the pictures are coming from my Pinterest boards).

Octobrrrr mood board

I felt so inspired by these autumn colours that my wish was to create something with lots of fall leaves, gold and dark green shades… it’s only few days till reveal so I won;t be writing a lot about it now. I just past few sneaks – all of them are in the autumn mood, but I also made something typical summerish.

autumn 1

like maybe 1

youe are 2

If you are interested in other sneaks peek photos check out THIS POST at the Studio Calico message board. I will be updating it in a few days with various close-ups.

+     +     +

One more thing – this month’s exclusive offer for SC subscribers is really fab! I’ve already preordered these transparent cards and waiting for them impantiently :)


Clearly, this is just what you’ve been looking for. We all need is a little more adventure in our lives, and this paper pad full of bright gold and bold white graphics on transparent sheets suits our fancy. The beautiful, large gold and white lettering paired with unique contrasting graphic designs in this Clearly Awesome Transparency Pad make for the perfect combination, and its 4×6″ size makes it a worthwhile choice for most any project. We hope you agree that it’s the obvious choice to add that extra touch of luxury to your projects. Craft in style. And stay golden.


‚Suit & Tie’ mini album.

It was a super-duper night and awesome day spent at the seaside in August. Me, my hubby and our two friends were visiting our favourites Polish cities, ate a delicious lunch at the beach but what is the most important, the aim  our trip was AMAZING Justin Timberlake’s and The Teneessee Kids’s concert at the one of the most beautiful Polish stadium in Gdańsk. I took lots of pictures during whole day (from early, wake-up hours will late night at the concert), and I decided to create an album with them.

JT's album by Anna-Maria

From the very begining of my work I knew, that I would like to keep this project in black & white [suit & tie ] mood, it was so obvious to me regarding the set design and graphic design of this World Tour. The idea was great, I had a bunch of photos and great memories, inspiration was boiled inside me and… I bought this sweet 4×4 mini album at SC shop! There was one more thing which forced me to try to keep these special memories in the album – earlier last month I signed up for Marcy’s ‚MINI BOOK’ class, so I was sure that even if my creative mood will gone, I will find an inspiration in her pdf’s. When you enroll to the SC class you usually get an exclusive digital set and I have to admit, that it is one of the greatest things which I adore. Marcy’s printables were so RAD! I printed them on a vellum (as Marcy did) and I was adding them everywhere in my mini.










All supplies I used to create this mini are coming from the previous Studio Calico kits or from the SC digital shop or were buy at the SC shop. Literally – ALL of them :)
It was a refreshing change to work with plastic pockets and ready-made cover (you all know how I hate doing covers, right?). To be honest – I can’t wait to make another Instagram book! I just have to find a good event with inspirational photos, I’m sure I will find something like that. This time I will make something in color, totally different mood… oh… if I only have enough time this weekend… Keep your fingers crossed for a creative mind and a bunch of time for me! I wish you all sunny days and big smile :D


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