scraplifting in Prima style

What that scraplifting really is? Scraplifting is finding others scrapbook pages as inspiration. Using the color schemes, design elements or layout designs as inspiration and taking those elements to create your own masterpiece. This is a definition which comes from Prima Marketing blog. We have there a few of desgin team members doing a scraplift project of each other.

My scraplift inspiration was this  colourful layout by Steph Devnil:


I found Steph’s color palette inspiring and used it for my scraplift layout:

I used here a few mediums like: gesso, watercolours, pencil drawing…

You have to see how Sharon lifted my layout! She has done something amazing! If you interesed in others works you should click >>> HERE.

I was really excited to participate in this “Scraplifting Each Other” challenge! I looove my “glamourous” site :)

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6 komentarzy to “scraplifting in Prima style”

  1. Eyecandy♥♥ I looooove it!!

  2. wow boski :):) cudne to kolorowe zamieszanie :) jak burza na papierze!

  3. Zbieram się z podłogi, to jest piękne!

  4. Wouah ! Quelle belle palette de couleurs, ta page est sublime…

  5. wow, kwiatki! No nie mogę :) Pięknie pomalowałaś tło.

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