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Reveal day has come and gone but there’s still plenty goodies in the shop along with some BRAND NEW items. Did you score everything you hoped at the March reveal? These kits were full of my favourites goodies and I’d love for you to have an opportunity to play with them as well. It’s those tiny things that get me so excited each month when my box arriving on my doorstep :)

Today I share with you my bonus project made with ‘Office Hours’ blues and one card from my printable journal cards set (I mentioned about them in THIS POST just before the reveal).

life goes on

I know, this is sooooooo BLUish! I know! But I found an excuse in this photo… it’s also bluish, so… is it enough to won’t be judge?

life goes 1

If you are interested in download these watercolour freebies just click >>> HERE <<<.

+     +     +

And one more BLUE layout made with ‘Office Hours’ scrapbook kits. I forgot to publish it last time, but now it suits perfect to my today’s post :)

kid you will move mountains

+     +     +

I’ve already receive the project from one of my friends – Monika – who used the same blue card in her PL spread!

zdjecie 5

I am so excited that you like my printables! Now i know that it was a fun idea and I promise you that I will be preparing such surprises more often – deal?!


‘Office Hours’ :: reveal


I had been playing with my ‘Office Hours’ kits since they arrived on my doorstep and I must say… they’re kinda awesome. A perfect colour scheme. This is exactly what I need to get out of this winter mood. I needed a punch of vibrant shades like this amazing green in various hues – so… vernal!


OK starting from the [main kit only] projects, the first one (and probably my favourite this month):


I mixed few different techniques here: embossing, stamping, watercolouring. I cuted out the flowers and use my own way of scripted – made with my latest favourite tool – nib. I was so scared when I started playing with this palette, I felt uncomfortable and doubfully amoung those green mixed in a huge contrast with reds… but finally when I finished I was satisfied with the results.

Be frelessly authentic

Next layout made only with the main Scrapbook kit… okkkk… it was very dangerous experiment. I used a photo ful of vibrant colours, huge contrasts, with my beloved roommate on it… and I added flowers to that. You have to admit that it was risky (I won’t mention about the gold elements from the paper and vibrant green foam letters).  I have to say that this is not my ‘best project ever’, but believe me, this is not that bad as it could be. The effect is good enough to won’t be ashame (I hope so).

+     +     +


Now next projects made with ‘Office Hours‘ kit mix with this month’s add-ons:


hello Batman

‘I’m not saying… I’m Batman, I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in a room together’ …should I said something more? :) I LOVE this wooden paper with little ‘+’! This is so… warm! and gold hues suit perfect to it!

waiting for spring

The meaning of this project is: ‘While waiting for Spring…’ This time I definitely lost my sense of harmony and I entered at an inconvenient way of dangerous combinations of colours… and this is the result – it’s not a defeat but I find it ‘cheaper’ than my other works. It was not my day for sure – sorry. I had been struggling with this ‘cloud’ paper since I opened the box and now I would like to blame this pattern for this disappointing effect – can I?! Please… at least until I will visit our Creative Team gallery and see how fabulous things my friends done with this piece of dreamy paper.

+     +     +

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 02/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.\
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And now something for a desert – digitals! I am super excited that I can announce you my very first digital templates design in collaboration with Catherine Davis for Studio Calico! It’s official and it makes my happy and proud. I can’t wait to see your digi creations in the SC gallery!
+     +     +
There NEW exclusive craft dies in SC shop which are available from NOW! :) Which of them are your favourite?
March dies
THUMBS UP                         NUMBER GEOTAGS                        INSTA HAPPY
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Happy shopping everybody and really yummy Fat Thursday!!!

Printable present for you.

I prepraed a printable present for you which is related to the Studio Calico march kits! The colours in ‘Office Hours‘ have stolen my heart, especially the green and blue combo which is probably one of my favourites. I decided to create few journal cards for you, using my watercolour skills. I know that almost all of you love watercolours, so I thought that such little gift just before the reveal would be a nice idea (am I right? please let me know am I right!). This is the photo of my tiny gift:

AM printable cards

I had so much fun creating them! If you want to download them (for personal use only) you just have to click>>> HERE<<<. I hope you will have a lot of fun with these cards. Remember – you can use them in various ways. They can be the perfect addition to your layouts, Project Life® spreads, cards (I mean, is there ever too much PL® cards?! Nope, I didn’t think so either) or any other project really… need I say more?

I’m not good at writing, so it will be better to share the first layout I made using my printable items (in the upcoming days I will publish more projects, also PL® spreads – not mine – so stay tuned, I won’t leave you without an inspiration!)

It's because of you

I decided to stuck in a pastel palette. The shades suit to the ‘Office Hours’ kits but I chose only the most subtle combinations. On this page I used only green cards, one of them was embellished with a brad and letter stickers:

it's 3

All of these embellishments and letters are coming from the previous Studio Calico kits or they are available in the shop, amoung the items from the latest Studio Calico lines: ESSENTIALS, LEMON LUSH and COLOR THEORY.

it's 4

it's 1

Are you going to make anything with my journal cards? If yes, please share your ideas with me and link your project in the comments below! I will enjoy EVERY SINGLE creation. So, what do you say, are you IN?!

+     +     +

It’s almost reveal over at Studio Calico so that means I can start shopping!!! This is an amazing opportunity to minimalize the shipping costs. As an international member I have to care about that and I am so grateful that I can combine my shopping with kits 12 hours before the subscriber pre-sale (or 24 hours before reveal time if you are not a subscriber). It doesn’t matter if you an international or not, this offer is great for all of us :)

I prepared a subjective list of my favourites items from the SC shop which I find perfect to work with ‘Office Hours’ kits. Be sure to put them into your bascket before the reveal to make sure that you will get your favourite goodies before they will be sell out! I picked up these ,which I used during my latest work or which I find great especially for the March kits combo:


1. brand NEW Mr. Huey’s watercolour set – I love it! These watercolours are perfect for crafting. The colour is not such transparent as usually in a professional watercolour media but thanks to this it’s more useful for scrapbooking. The colours are nice and vibrant.

2.Transparent Watercolour Papers – these are my totally favourite. I could use them all the time. If someone would ask me, if I could only choose one watercolour media and use them to the end of my life – I would say: ‘I choose Peerless Watercolour Papers’.

3. Whole range of Color Theory items – especially in blue and green shades. All depends on you. You can choose: die inks, buttons, sequins, enamel dots, alphabets, papers – or you can buy ALL of them at once :)

4. Essentials stars & other details – I am in love in details! I always feel that I need all of them, in every colour (not brown, I hate this colour). You can choose which of them are your favourites: stars, geotags, enamel dots, clips, alphabets, fancy hearts or tiny cameras.

5. and ‘must have’ tool – great, professional scissors. This time I chose Non Stick Snips by Tim Holtz. They are perfect – especially when you have to cut those little flowers…

If some of these items are already ‘sold out’ (what is quite possible), remember that you can click a ‘notify me’ button to get the ASAP information when they will be restock. Another important information – if they will be restock during the first week AFTER reveal you also have a chance to combine the shippings (I love this) :)

+     +     +

So, coming back to the poit of this post. I hope you like my little [download] gift. I would love for you to stop by and check it out :)

Thank you guys!

printable cards by Anna-Maria

Enjoy and see you tomorrow at the pre-sale!!!


‘Office Hours’ senaks and exclusive offer.

This is one of these exciting days when I can share with you a piece of secret. Two days ago I received new Studio Calico ‘Office Hours’ kits and it took me only a few hours to create four layouts! I was so inspired by the palette of this month’s main. I combine a subjective mood board to help you realize what colours will be most important in March :)

March mood board

I think that this combo is sooooo refreshing, I can almost smell the upcoming spring! My layouts will be also very springly in their mood… Today I will show you just two peaks of my two [Main Kit Only] projects – you will see what will appear soon in the Studio Calico shop!

spring 1

I am in love with these flowers!!! Yep, I put them everywhere!!!

be 1

+     +     +

And now an exclusive and limited offer for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Washi TRIO will be ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last.



You are not a subscriber yet? Join us for exclusive discounts and promotions!!! And for an early look at our March Kits!!!


Lindsey Letters :: monogram tutorial

As I mentioned you earlier, in my latest reveal post I had a pleasure to work with one of the newest letterpress plates – Lindsey Letters Letterpress plate & Craft Die set – Monogram Alpha (includes 1 plate with 27 designs and 1 matching die-cut).


I prepared an easy DIY tutorial :: handmade letterpressed Birthday Calendar. I will write you the step by step way how to create such b-day cards at home.


First of all we have to start with letterpress. I prepared twelve white cardboard pieces and sticked a piece of watercolour paper on them. Next I used different monogram letters to mark every single month in a year (J for January, F for February, etc.). The letterpressed effect is clearly visible (sorry if you don’t see it very good at the pictures).


When all letterpress monograms are totally dry (remember that this oil-based ink need a few minutes to get dry), we can start using watercolours. I used Peerless Watercolour Papers to cover the surface. First – I made a kind of palette to check out the shades of each colour. Next I was ready to paint.


Becasue letterpress inks are waterproof I could cover the letterpress area as well without any concerns. I you don’t have peerless watercolour papers at home you can use any other watercolour media like: custom watercolours, mists, woodless crayons, liquid inks, etc…


I painted all twelve cards and now I’m waiting till they will be completely dry…


Now – stamping part. I took one of the older Studio Calico exclusive stamps – daily grid. I stamped every card using black Archival ink pad.


I used my Precision Pen to write some imporatnt b-days and name’s days. Birthday cards are ready :) You can leave this part blank and give this blank cards set as a present. They will be actual for every year :)



+      +      +

I’ve notice also other amazing NEW supplies in SC shop!!!

I wish a great begining of this week. I know – nobody loves Mondays, but… give it a try, smile and start these seven days of a new week with joy :) XoXo


EntreARTistes celebration challenge!!!

Hi girls (and boys if there are any)! EntreARTistes online site celebration it’s first year durign two weekend’s days. All of entreARTistes girls prepared for you few challenges to celebrate these b-day in the most scrapping way! :)

I and Leena prepared a special COLOUR CHALLENGE!!! We mixed emerald/mint green with pale pinks, magenta, grey and white… I was so inspired!


Nous vous invitions à vous inspirer de ce combo couleur.

+     +     +


I was inspired by this colour combo and I used the inspirational picture to create a kind of sketch for this project! Of course – this is just an interpretation… it was fun!


I used a few gifts from my latest classes in Maisons-Alfort: amazing wooden stamp from Prisca (merci beaucoup!!!) and unusual emboss pen from mon CouCou Gaelle Crusty – merci!!!


Supplies I used: Of course a lot of Studio Calico goodies from wholesale lines and exclusive ones from the previous kits, patterned papers design by Studio Tekturek, Studio Calico printables and watercolours (Peerless Watercolour Papers and October Afternoon Sprinklers), embossing ink and powders.


Postez vos réalisations dans votre galerie EA, puis mettez le lien vers votre page ci-dessous dans les commentaires : vous avez jusqu’à dimanche 9/02  MINUIT pour participer à ce challenge et surtout, pour faire partie du TIRAGE AU SORT pour gagner un bon cadeau de 5€ sur notre eshop!


Subscriber exclusive :: Color Theory

Hi, I am here just with a few quick notes. First of all – I just camee back from Paris where I was teaching mixed-media mini album classes with amazing group of talented girls! I would like to say ‘thank you’ to the organizators (Arthemis, Svetlana & Bruno) for great time we spent together and to the all participants – you were FORMIDABLE! :)

+     +     +


I have some good news to share – once again Studio Calico prepared for you a special, exclusive offer for the current subscribers! If you will decide to get a new subscription (I have to admit that I just take my own Project Life monthly subscription), you will save up to 75% off!!! What a deal! This is an extra news especially for the internationals! By far the BEST value of this is going to be the Scrapbook Main Kit :: it’s the greatest amount off!!!


I received this amazing opportunity and after… hmmm… 10 seconds of various thoughts (do I need this, do I have enough time to use it, how much I love PL kits, how much I adore PL embellishments and exclusive designs… and this combined shipping with other order for four days?!!!), I decided that YES! I need it, I want it and I will take it! So… as a new Subscriber I am sharing with you these fabulous news as soon as it’s possible. Don’t wait! remember that Sugar Rush reveal was one of the most excited during last months! One of those kits can be yours (or all of them if you want!).

Sugar Rush subscription

Here’s how to use the promo codes. Add the Sugar Rush subscription of your choice to your card. Enter the corresponding code to reduce your kit price to $10 for the first month with free shipping. Free shipping will only apply to the kit.

+     +     +

Non Subscribers can start a new sub and get Marcy’s Hello Forever stamp set free with the first kit!!! This stamp set is sold out so… this is the only opportunity to get this is you already missed this fabulous set!


The PROMO CODES for this offer for NEW subbers are: HFSTAMPSB   HFSTAMPCARD   HFSTAMPPL . How to use them? You just have to add a Sugar Rush subscription of your choice to your cart. Must enter code at checkout. Stamp will appear in a bascket after you enter the code. Expires 2/26/14 at 11:59 pm EST. This offer is valid while supplies last, so don’t wait to long new subber!!!

Also I have some secret informations, that there will be A LOT of unexpected surprises for the subscribers!!! Special gifts, extra products, exclusive goodies – just for you – SC lovers with monthly subscribsion!

+     +     +


Now some excited news about new, march classes!!! Color Studio with Lisa Trusdell!!! You know that what I love most is a COLOR. Nothing is more imporant for me than this part of scrapbooking world. That’s why I can’t wait till these classes will start!

You’ll experiment with techniques for adding color to your projects with ink, mist, and watercolors, and learn to mix and match the products in your kits for a whole new look.


There are some SPECIAL class OFFER for the participants!

  • Buy Color Studio + Color Theory and save! Use promo code COLOR when purchasing the Color Studio Class and five or more Color Theory Products and receive a $5 discount. This code expires on 2/7/2014 at 11:59pm EST. Color Studio and five or more Color Theory products must be in your cart for the code to work. No discounts will be given for codes not entered.
  • Preorder all 12 Color Theory Inks for $54.99! Individual inks will sell for $4.99 beginning March 1st.


How excited it is?! Awww!!! I need them all! I love every single colour, every single shade! Have you already noticed that there are MORE supplies which will rock your scrapbooking drawers if you will buy them?! Gosh! I am going to IKEA tomorrow becasue I will need a special furniture for Color Theory goodies!!! I have to share with you this picture… it’r hard to choose the colour but these shades of green are my favourites…


I think so becasue I also love these blues!


Too many photos, I know… sorry!!! I can’t resist! These are MY shades, this is my fairytale! This is all I need to work in a scrapbooking heaven! :) I adore every little piece of these beauties. And how amazing they will be for my spreads (yes, I am going to start because of my new PL subscription)… I mean – these alphabets?! buttons?!!! I was never interested in buttons but these are really special! like tiny candies! OMG! :) Sorry – I just can’t wait, I’m going to open my SC basckaet and fill it with all the colours from the rainbow. Bye! See you there!!!


Sweet Dreams :: Sugar Rush kits

How was your this-night reveal? Did you get what you want? Or maybe you are still on a fence and have no idea what to choose? Well – there are not a lot to choose right now, but you still can buy some lovely ‘sugar’ things! What you can do is (for sure) to buy one of the main ‘Sugar Rush’ kits – which are AMAZING! you can find them >>> HERE.

sugar rush mains

There is still one scrapbook add-on – ‘Jelly Bean‘,  card add-on ‘Taffy‘ with Lemon Lush goodies and Sugar Rush Paper Pad which I adore :)

I forgot to add one more ‘Sugar Rush’ layout yesterday. I made it with ‘Sugar Rush’ scrapbook main kit and few supplies from the add-ons and printables – of course :) I was inspired by this amazing picture of my sleeping baby when he was really cute and my older layout (I love this composition so I re-used it once again).

sweet dreams

Once again in these reveal I painted some tiny flowers using Peerless Watercolour Papers. If you have any questions about this project please leave your comments below this post – it will be easier for me to answer and more people will get the message. If you sent me so many e-mails it so difficult to send you an answer immediately. Thank you :*


+     +     +

And now super-duper news!

NEW Studio Calico lines are in the shop now!!!


We are still waiting for ‘Wanderlust’ goodies but they will appear soon… so stay tuned and click ‘notify me‘ button to be sure that you will get an information just when these supplies will be available. This week will be pretty excited!!! And remember that at the end of the month there is a LAST CALL – I will let you know when exactly when I will get the message :) Love ya!


‘Sugar Rush’ reveal!!!


Don’t kid ourselves, February is not the prettiest month in a year… I don’t like it at all, but… Studio Calico February kits will make this month a special time! Sugar Rush kits are one of my favourites ever! There are so many beautiful pattern papers great for the LO background and to embellish the page, some of them are coming form he latest SC lines like ‘Lemon Lush‘, ‘Essentials‘ and ‘Wanderlust‘. Embellishments are soooooo delicious! I can’t wait, I have to share with you my projects. At the begining – tow main kit only layouts.

early days funny faces

I printed some of my favourites photos from the early days of my son’s life. At these photos above Jaś was only two week old (or even less). I compose two of them with the scraps of various pattern papers and exclusive kraft tags. I added pieces of sunburst washi tape and of course – my very favourite – printable labels and other designs.


When I combined then all together in a few layers I spread a little bit of gesso here and there on the paper (it was not a custom cardstock or watercolour paper, but B side of one of the patterned papers fom the min kit) and after everything was dry I started to paint watercolour ‘clouds’ and tiny, red flowers.


The inspiration came from the bedroom linen which were full of such lovely flowers. I used some stamps as well. I multiple the circles (use only first two circles from the whole stamp) and between them I made stiching ‘x’  – this is how I get those ‘xoxo’ words.

+     +     +


I am in love with various shades of pink this month. I like to mix it with red and white… If you want to enrich your drawer with more PINK goodies click the photo above! I hope you will find something interesting. I already click ‘notify me’ button for a few times. I just feel that I need some of these pink beauties from ‘Essentials’ lines and not only.

+     +     +

smiles begin with you

The second Main Kit Only layout is totally different. The composition is much easier and there one, main element one this project – brush scripted ‘you & me’ words. February will be the month of Life|Scripted classes prepared by Kal Barteski. I adore her amazing style and I was so curious is it possible for me to compose such strong, bold element into my page. Well – I tried and I think thae result is not that bad :) It’s not perfect at all, I think we will all need a lot of practice to use these bamboo brushes and black paints to get simmilar effects to Kal (and probably we will never catch up the ‘top of this mountaint’), but it’s really great fun and one more, interesting techinique which can enrigh out scrapbooking projects. You still have two days to sign in to this class so… think about it :)


Even if the title is really bold and huge it was still empty on my page. I was so tired and had no idea what to add to this project. Then my son remind me that one day I let him add some scribbles – the effect was amazing (I love this layout till nowadays), so I didn’t think much. I gave him a pencil, I took the second one and we started to draw funny doodles all over the main element.

+     +     +

Kal Barteski

If you want to join us at the Life|Scripted classes by Kal Barteski and SC contributors please click the image above.

+     +     +

be brave

This page was inspired by few things: lemons (they are coming from ‘Lemon Lush‘ line and amazing, totally FREE printables!) and this lovely stamp from one of the add-ons: ‘When life gives you lemons‘. Well – when I saw these everything was clear for me. The title had to be: ‘Be Brave’, becasue you know – then life really gives you lemons you have two options: you can get depressed or handle it and be brave! I chose the second option because it’s more optimistic :)

be brave4

I was so in love with all gold details in the scrapbook kit and add-ons! Especially in those gold-foil leaves… I found few places to stick amaizing gold pressed vellum and adorable stars from ‘Essentials’ line. And those gold foil ‘Lemon Lush‘ letters?! OMG! They are so inspiring!

+     +     +


If you are in love in YELLOW as much as I am I encourage you to visite this place to find more yellow beauties!!! Bring more sun into your projects! I definitely NEED more sun, I hate this winter, snowless weather now :/

+     +     +

be cool

And my last ‘Sugar Rush’ layout for today – ‘Be cOOl’ :) Ultra feminine, clear in colour but bold in the contrasts. Simple composition let me leave this page as clear as it possible. It’s not often happen to me to leave the project without watercolour areas (well – I made a few tine splashes, but it doeasn’t count ).

be cool1

I hope you like the projects and that you are ready to buy your own choices! These are the kits I used to complete my works.

SUGAR RUSH Scrapbook Main Kit

+    +    +


Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 01/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.
If you are not only a layout maker you will be probably interested in other Sugar Rush kits. All of them (Project Life and Card) you will find >>>HERE<<<
+       +       +
This is a sneak peek of my NEW craft project made with Lindsey Letters Letterpress plates & Craft Die set which is one of the whole range of NEW PRODUCTS in Studio Calico shop. Remember that usually new products just dissapear from the shop so if you really want to buy any of them, you should make it immediately – just saying. In a few days I am going to publish my DIY tutorial how to create a B-day Calendar using Lindsey Letters Monograms so stay tuned!
There are also few die-cuts in the shop which won’t stay there forever: Arrows Card craft-die, Round Confetti and Icon Geotags craft-die!!! I’ve already bought mine :) Now it’s your turn!
+     +     +
Don’t forget about our fabulous digital items! Printables, cut files and templates!!! I use them a lot month by moth!

When life bring you… embossing powder :)

It will be my first project where I used embossing technique. I was introduce to this topic many years ago and never tried. Why?! oh why I was waiting for so long to try?!! OK – this afternoon I decided to try to mix my favourite watercolour technique with the new one (new for me) – hot embossing. I prepared a step by step tutorial how I was working with these media. I had so much fun! Let’s start…


First of all I create a simple base of the project using new Studio Calico lines: ‘Lemon Lush‘ and ‘Wanderlust‘ (if you can’t find them in the shop, be sure to click a ‘notify me‘ button to be sure, that you will be inform when they will be in stock).


I collected some acrylic stamps which are coming from the older Studio Calico kits, clear embossing ink pad, white ZING embossing powder, Peerless Watercolour Papers , Ecolines and other ‘must have’ supplies.


I combined a half of the layout and the second part will be the topic of my today’s tutorial. I chose a few stamps in floral and flower shapes and created a simple composition with them – just next to the edge of the layered papers


I sticked them to the small acrylic block and than I stamped them using clear embossing ink (it was not very easy to find the shapes becasue they were really invisible).


Then I covered these invisible stamped shapes with a white embossing powder…


Next I took out the excess of the powder (I put it back to the jar)…


And I got such result (I hope it’s visible enough on the picture)…


I used a heat gun to make the marks pemanent and waterproof (yes, I know that all of you already know how to emboss, but there are some people like me who don;t know a lot about this technique) :)


I added more stamps, more leaves and flowers and repeated the pattern. It was the end of embossed part :) I had a lot fun making this! and I’m sure I will use it once again and again in my other projects!


Now – the funny part – watercolouring! I was showing and writting step by step instructions about how to use watercolour many times – so this time I will leave these pictures without any comment. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below.


I used Peerless Wartercolours Transparent Papers and liquid inks – Ecolines. This time I mixed more colours than usually… You can find here green, blue, yellow, orange, pink… Yep, I made a kind of mess this time and I really love it! It’s so refreshing! :)


When paitnted part was completely dry I made some random floral stamps  using various colours of chalk inks – just to add a kind of dimmension to this part. And it was the end of my work. Super fun, not super easy, but I’m sure that everybody can try to do something simmilar.

sweet as s'mores

I hope you will find a while during the upcoming weekend to try this mixed-media technique. I hope you will enjoy playing with these fabulous things as much as I had.

sweet detail1

If you want to see more close-ups please move to my gallery at Studio Calico >>> HERE.

+     +     +

And my last news just before the end of this week. New supplies will appear in a few days in the Studio Calico shop. I’ve had an opportunity to work with some of them earlier… I prepared next step by step tutorial with these brand new

Lindsey Letter Letterpress Plate & Craft Die set :: Monogram Alpha

I won’t tell you now what it will be, but I just mention that you should be prepared for the shopping!!!

monogram detail

It’s just a sneak peek… don’t miss this up!

+     +     +

And now something for the whole season, great surprise from Studio Calico fo all mini-book lovers!!!


Little Books, BIG inspiration – times 4! Purchase the Mini Book Bundle for $32 – a 20% savings!

Purchasing the Mini Book Bundle enrolls you in all four of our 2014 Mini Workshops. A new mini workshop will be available each season from our expert line up of teachers – Nicole Reaves, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner and Céline Navarro. Each teacher will be showing you how to create a unique mini book through detailed PDFs and videos.

This bundle offer is available with early bird pricing from 1/24/2014 through 1/31/2014.


+     +     +

Have an amazing weekend everybody!!! We will meet at reveal night! yay! kisses :)))


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