beloved Katrin, beloved Paris, beloved… bobble!

If you want to be both ecological and fashionable, you ought to try this:… It’s an ingenious gadget, fantastic in its simplicity and it is bound to fit into your handbag. It’s also a very stylish alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles, it was created by a renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid. Thanks to this bottle you will be healthier, prettier and, what’s more, by acquiring it you contribute to caring for our planet. Bobble is a must-have of the season; you are offered a wide selection of bottles, depending on its size and the colour of the replaceable carbon filter which is capable of filtering up to 300 bottles of water! Bobble is intended for municipal tap water, it filters water as you drink it.

I have already got my own sky blue Bobble – it was a gift from my wonderful friends. I have to admit that I made friends with this bottle while I was wandering around Paris. I strongly recommend it 🙂:)

Here you have a layout for the new I {lowe} SCRAP sketch challenge – you will find more information on ILS blog; in the picture you can see my beloved Katrin, who infected me with her zeal for ecology and sold me the idea of using Bobble.

Oh, and some Oh Deer! CANDY!!!

5 Komentarzy to “beloved Katrin, beloved Paris, beloved… bobble!”

  1. Eeek! I LOVE this bobble product…..I am going to have to get one of them for sure 🙂

    Lovely layout….i like the soft colors with the black and white.

  2. What a gorgeous layout !!

  3. Super la bobble, vais voir comment me la procurer.
    Très belle page, bravo.

  4. Vos réalisations sont magnifiques. J’adore vos pas et tout ce que vous faites. J’ai mis votre lien sur mon blog pour que mes amies françaises puissent vous connaitre. L’article paraitra le 13 novembre.
    Amitiés du Sud Ouest de la France.
    mamy anick


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