Yesterday I created two twin layouts with the most recent photos of my almost-five-year-old. The same bases, similar colours, austere forms. Apparently alike though inspired by two distinct works.

The first was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner, made for M-Asochistki scraplift challenge:


sponsored by IKEA, kesi’art & American Crafts; Masking Tape


The second was made for new Art-piaskownica scraplift challege >>> here:


Masking Tape & Amy Tangerine for American Craft


10 komentarzy to “twins”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that first page. It is so perfect.

  2. Tes pages sont trop belles !!!!!

  3. Absolutnie PIĘKNE!

  4. Beautiful layouts !!!!!

  5. brak mi słów! piękne!

  6. Love your layouts!! Especially the last one ♥

  7. amazing layouts! love it!


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