today :: tomorrow :: always

Layout made for MA-sochistki scraplift challnege >>> HERE.

I used here some awesome printables goodies by Marcy Penner – you can buy theme HERE in her shop. The base comes from I {lowe} SCRAP (‚on the square’); alpha : Studio Calico and kesi’art, stickers: kesi’art and American Crafts; other goodies: American Crafts and Scrapiniec.

A close -up on the new ‚camera’ button by MonaGee  for Scrapiniec.

11 komentarzy to “today :: tomorrow :: always”

  1. świetny! kolorystyczne niebo!🙂

  2. Love love love this color palette!

  3. Whaou, superbe !!!!

  4. Your LO is great! I love the colours and the pic is gorgeous!

  5. i love this so much. love the little paper airplane drawing!

  6. Such a beautiful and harmonious layout !

  7. jestem zakochana w kolorach tej pracy. No i jest taka… czysta🙂

  8. Whoa! a page-Ania Maria spotless! bizarre but beautiful as usual!

  9. thank you for all the wonderful inspiration


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