favourite part

Oh, I know… he is bloody handsome… 🙂 ahahahahah


I made it for Chic Tags design team. You can see here some different alphas: Basic Grey, Studio Calico and America Crafts, and Color Conspiracy overlay.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!




14 Komentarzy to “favourite part”

  1. beautiful layout!!
    love the title 🙂

  2. Fantastyczny!!!! I cudny napis.

  3. Fantastique !!! J’aime beaucoup ta page !!!!

  4. I’ve just seen it in the SC gallery: I’m sooo in love with your scrap! Absolutely^^

  5. i’m in love with your husband 🙂 skrap też dobry 😛

  6. This is drop dead gorgeous!

  7. cudowny tekst. i fota 😀

  8. You have the best quotes Ania-Maria. I want to steal every one of them and use it. And I’m not a quote girl. And I love that you’re proud and willing to say out loud how handsome your man is (and he is!). Mine is the same and sometimes it makes me giddy. I think he looks like he could be in a magazine (which he could and yours does too! ;)) but without all the indiscretion and life problems. We are lucky to get to look at such handsome men and call them our very own. Why would we need to drool over a celebrity eh!

  9. Jest absolutnie obłędny! ♥

  10. Oh what an handsome guy ! Almost as mine !! lol !
    Very beautiful LO!

  11. this is just amazing!! this page makes me want to pull out my scrappy supplies that i haven’t touched in over a year. thanks for sharing. 🙂
    found via pinterest!!

  12. I love it! composition and photo! Bravo again!

  13. What a lovely Layout. I love it. And yes…he is handsome :o)

  14. He is. Is he a model? He is GORGEOUS!!!!!


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