LET it GO!

I have an honour to present my most recent LET it GO scrapbooking papers collection which I designed for I {lowe} SCRAP in collaboration with my friend Nebri. We were inspired by the newest trends in global design. Triangles, chevrons, a lot of gray and a bit of yellow.

If you would like to see our presentation please click >>> HERE.

Open publication


You have to see the layouts made by our I {lowe} SCRAP design team >>> HERE.

And here is my first layout made with ‘Let it GO’, ‘rise&shine’ and ‘I love pattern papers’” 🙂

If you are interested in placing an order, please mail us at: ilowescrap.shop@gmail.com


12 komentarzy to “LET it GO!”

  1. Loe tour LO and the softness of the pâmer patterned

  2. Fantastyczna kolekcja!!! Gratuluję !!! scrap wspaniały 🙂

  3. Wonderful and amazing papers, congratulations ….Karin

  4. dałaś czadu totalnie. lepiej bym ich sobie nie wymarzyła 🙂

  5. I love these, just beautiful! Big congratulations on your new design work. What a wonderful achievement

  6. It’s GOOORGEOUS! I love it so much! When and where is this gonna be available?

  7. Fantastyczna kolekcja – a scrap jak zawsze – świetny 🙂

  8. Przepiękne są te papiery i dobór kolorów! Piękny scrap i cudne zdjęcie twoje ;))

  9. Beautiful collection! And you LO is so sunny and sweet 🙂


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