mixmedia possibilities

The mixmedia art gives us a lot of possibilities to express ourselves. We can create many layers, journaling spaces, paint splashes, drawings…

So I thought about it once again and decided to go back to my roots – just for this layout.  I mixed gesso, watercolour paint, ink, stamping, Pan Pastels… I added some masking tape, journaling, photos and Marcy Penner’s printable cards. I also used American Crafts goodies from the new Neapolitan collection by Lizzy. Lastly, I glued Basic Grey alphabet and pressed a funny flock-surfaced ‚iron-on’ by Prima Marketing. Of course, there is only one base that can cope with these layers – gray paper from my new collection LET it GO by I {lowe} SCRAP.

scraplift [here]

By the way, today I would like to present PAn PAstels to you (I know this layout isn’t a good instance of this technique, but in the forthcoming days I’m going to publish a more adequate example). This March Prima Marketing is collaborating with PAn PAstel, their posts will include works created using PAn PAstels. For this reason all of the PM designers – me inclusive – were sent a whole set of these pastels.

Initially, I thought that they were another ‚expensive nothing’ for American hobbyists, but, surprisingly, they turned out to be really great and have awesome smooth texture. I think they are a perfect alternative for mists, for example – they are cleaner to use and they make for unlimited freedom in mixing colours; they are easy to remove with eraser and – what is most important for me – they don’t make the paper bend, so there is no need to use paper tape to hold the edge of the base which we are working on. I plan to tell you something more about this technique in my next post in March.


19 Komentarzy to “mixmedia possibilities”

  1. I really love what you do!!!

    I’ve got a question: where and when we are able to buy your collection in France???

    Thank you!

  2. Wow, I havn´t seen anthing as pretty as this in a long time!! I really love this layout!! Gorgeous!! : )

  3. Jest niesamowity! Te szczegóły, smaczki, drobiazgi-można oglądać i oglądać! :*

  4. So beautiful! You said „go back to your root”, what’s your background? Did you study art? I’m always curious about talented scrapbook artsists background, and why they’re so fabulous! I hope you do share with us.

  5. Świetny! Czaderski 🙂

  6. Też mam PanPastele i uważam, że są świetne. Czekam więc z niecierpliwością na Twojego kolejnego posta 😉

  7. Magnifique et tout en douceur…

  8. At first I thought it’s digital! The LO is perfect 🙂

  9. grey – great 🙂 What a beautiful layout, I love it!

  10. I just loooooooooooove your LO! The pics are nice too!

  11. O MATULU !!!! Jakie cudo!!!!!

  12. So beautiful layout! Great job!


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