play with PAn PAstels :: prima PPP


I made a layout for March PPP. A lot of mixmedia here – sorry you can’t see it on picture, but I will write you what I did…

inspired by {layout}

Today’s work was created for Prima’s March PPP. Wonderful, pastel, joyous colouring – indeed, I didn’t use any of the suggested flowers, instead I went wild with the variety of art media.

The screen printed canvas – partly covered with gesso – constitutes the base for my work.  Next, I applied ecoline paint layer. Here and there the outline of Prima’s masks is discernible – I used a bit of colourful TA mists here. As soon everything dried, I proceeded to stamping using Prima’s chalk inks. At the end I started playing with PAn PAstels – I used them to paint through the template – which is to say, I used them exactly the same way we tend to use mists. However, the possibility of changing, mixing colours within one template is a great advantage of pastels. What’s more, the base doesn’t soak, the lower layers don’t smudge, while the whole work doesn’t bend at all – ingenious!

Apart from sets of various colours of pastels, the parcel I received from PAn Pastels also contained some types of tools used for applying pastels. Here they are.


I used yellow acrylic paint along with white enamel accents to finish up the whole work. Here and there you can see some flocked rub-ons in the shape of lettering.

After all these actions – which you are OBVIOUSLY unable to observe in the demonstrated photo – I glued the photos, some scraps of paper and I made the journaling. This is the way today’s layout was created and I am really sorry you cannot notice the variety I described above. An interesting fact to amuse you with?

I ran out of necessary letters from the pink alphabet to make the word ‚mom’, so I resorted to Pan Pastels – I used ordinary, white alphabet, then I painted it with pink pastel 🙂 It is an amazing way to add some variety to your alphabet collection – buy the white one and make use of PAn Pastels to create alphabet of any colour you wish.

Now I’m going to go for a walk because we have beautiful wetaher today in Poland 🙂

Here you have a pick of my  PAn PAstels palette 🙂


4 Komentarze to “play with PAn PAstels :: prima PPP”

  1. Przepiękny scrap!!!

  2. Love the way your mix media style tiens soft !

  3. Beautiful layout!! Again those colors!! 😉 And the title is really cute!!


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