no limits


I have no limits. No one can stop my imagination. I feel it. I do what I love and I’m good at it. I’m a cosmic girl. I don’t like the ordinary things, and that’s just fine. I will not sorry for that. I love you 🙂 Thank you that you are here with me!

I made it for Chic Tags design team. This page was inspired by Kaori‚s layout.

ChicTags tags 🙂 I {lowe} SCRAP papers, kesi’art, American Crafts, masking tape, masks: Prima Marketing & Studio Calico;

gesso, watercolours, ecolines, Pan Pastels, black ink

Wish you lovely weekned!!! Here in Poland we have beautiful sun! veeeery springly! I love it!


9 Komentarzy to “no limits”

  1. OOOOoOooooooo i like !!!! it’s beautiful =) !!!!!

  2. juste fabuleux !!!

  3. I love this so much! Beautiful!!

  4. quelle belle créativité ,
    je découvre avec plaisir ton blog et je suis ravie de te mettre à l’honneur en te taguant sur mon blog :

  5. Tjis LO is amazing… love the colors !

  6. Sooo beautiful!
    Hugs from Norway 🙂


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