Welcome in NEW Polish scrapbooking place! What is SOD▲licious? Good design, well-drawn illustrations, beautiful scrapbooking papers, awesome goodies and outstanding designers (including me of course). I invite you to visite:

<<< BLOG >>>                             <<< FACEBOOK PAGE >>>                         <<< SHOP >>>

In next days you will see some of my projects made for SOD▲licious but now… you can win some SOD▲licious gOOdies!!!

Opening CANDY>>> HERE. Just leave the comment below that post, past SOD▲licious banner on your blog and write few words about this new place.

3 Komentarze to “SOD▲licious”

  1. lowe! 😀
    Ściskam :*

  2. waouhh, i just went to see the blog, i love all !

  3. LOVED everything I saw- the graphic prints and bright color are SO welcome right now!!!


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