some BOLD colours today :: Prima PPP

Today’s work was created for Prima’s May PPP. In this month Prima propose you bold, deep and rich colours. I didn’t use any of the suggested flowers – as always.

But this time I was inspired by one of my favourite world’s scrapbooker – Tara Andreson. I love the composition of this layout.

all products which you can see above are come from Prima Marketing; the detailed list of additives I used in this layout you can find on Prima’s blog, under my work;

I add a piece of Freckled Fawn doilie

I used a very old photo of my son. He was only three and a half than… and we were on a walk in the ZOO. I have wonderful memories of that day.

I wish you an amazing, warm evening in good company, and I have to share something with you. This is our Polish proud – a fantastic young musician, composer Radzimier Dębski (Jimek). He is a winner of Beyonce’s „End Of Time” remix competition, and he is so cute! I can stop listen to this remix of Polish „corny” song (bleeeh:/), he’s version is so… calm, I love it!


7 Komentarzy to “some BOLD colours today :: Prima PPP”

  1. teraz widzę o czym mówiłaś!!! trudne kolory, ale jak pięknie im dałaś rady 🙂 bardzo mi się podoba, Aniu.

  2. So amazing! I am in LOVE with all the little bits and details!

  3. meeeeeeeeeega! kocham każdy szczegół! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful LO! Love the circels 8)


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