new begining

As I wrote you a while ago, that I am in SODAlicious design team (I’m so happy, yay!). SODA girls invented a new recurring challenge for us. We will be illustrate two themes for a month in our SODA journals – I use my favourite one with amazing camera drawing by Aga Zajkowska (she’s my special friend you know, I am proud of it! ).

Before I show you my first page of this ‚theme’ journal, I have to write a few words about my art-journaling. I have to, I need to explain you something.

The creation of my journals is driven by my emotional needs exclusively. There are moments in my life when I am incapable of conveying my emotions or thoughts to anybody… or nobody at the very moment is capable of understanding me, or there is nobody within reach I could talk to about some things. My motton that guides me in my art-journaling is: ‚Do not force yourself.

So how to go about the subject as a theme challenge? At the begining I was so confused about it. I cannot really imagine how one can paint, draw, etc. out of necessity, obligation, habit, ritual.. In these cases I guess you could actually find yourself stuck gazing at a blank page. In my opinion, artificially generated emotions are unreal, delusive, inconsistent with reality.
Because I agreed to be a part of this journaling team, I had to find the way to be real and credibile in this theme case. I think that I’d been struggling with this problem at every imposed on me topic. But please believe me that I am trying hard to be the best as I can, to be the most honest as it possible, to make this art-journal unique, it’s not easy for me.

The first SODA theme is BEGINING. I found somewhere (possibly on Pinterest) this quote:

START where you are.

USE what you have.

DO what you can.’

and decided to write it down at the front page of my new art-journal:

Do you see that? There is hidden a key word In the word ‚stART‚!!! 🙂

If you want to see more ‚beginings’, you have to go to SODAlicious blog >>> HERE.

5 Komentarzy to “new begining”

  1. It’s beautiful !!! I love.

  2. gordżys 😀

  3. kocham Twoje prace journalowe!

  4. Ania ja to samo journalowo czuję :* Mało tego zazwyczaj jak już pierdyknę wpis to tak osobisty, że nie mam odwagi go pokazać publicznie, chociaż akurat „początek” do mnie przemówił 🙂 wspieram Cię rękoma i nogami i spróbuję też wpisami :*

  5. C’est superbe !!!


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