travel journal once again

These are the latest pages in my Parisian travel journal. The photos were made by Aga Kucharska-Zajkowska.

tiny cameras are coming from SODAlicious paper ‚I shoot people’ and were drawn by Aga 🙂

a black pencil, black&white stripes papers, ‚I was here’ stamp, chevron stamp and ‚No.’ chipboard are also from SODAlicious shop.

A tag is from ChicTags shop.

We spent some wonderful moments together walking around the Tuileries and Montmartre.

A tag is from ChicTags shop, a doilie from Freckled Fawn and neon camera is from SODAlicios postcard.
I also used Lily Bee Design alphabet.

There is a ‚La Maison Rose’ restaurant in the photo background which was an inspiration to create the ‚La maison Rose’ paper collection for I {lowe} SCRAP 🙂

Then we were back home. My best friend’s apartment in beautiful Parisian district – Auteuil.

camera chipboard – SODAlicious, cutlery chipboard – ChicTags, pink masking tape- Freckled Fawn

alpahbet – Lily Bee Design.



10 Komentarzy to “travel journal once again”

  1. Przepiękny, i te różowożółte plamy. Cudo!

  2. cudownie!! masz przepiękną fryzurę na zdjęciach! 🙂

  3. bardzo ładny journal 🙂

  4. Encore une fois je suis sous le charme !!! C’est magnifique !

  5. Love love LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. I´m so in love with your art journal! It´s so great! Love the way you´r playing with the colors!

  7. these are amazing! How do you get the watercolor on your pages without warping the paper??

  8. J’adooore !! Trop trop beau !! Bises

  9. Your jorunal is SO gorgeous!

  10. różowo-pomarańczowa strona najcudniejsza:)


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