Scrapidées sketch & I

Hello my dearest readers!!! I have something special for you today – a special, super-easy sketch which I made specially for French challenge blog: Scrapidees! Thank you so much girls for inviting me to be your guest for sketch no. 240.

So now… I encourage you to take this challenge! French-speaking ladies – you can find the whole description on Scrapidees blog, and you my English-speaking reader – I have also something for you 🙂

Today’s map is supposed to transfer you into the world of classic art composition – to the times of „golden division”. This rule is a classic basis that always works well and, most important of all, gives us endless possibilities of modification.

Explaining this rule seems to be pointless and ridiculous as we often choose this kind of composition instinctively, unaware of its theorthical backround – it is worth knowing all the same. Well then, „the golden division” is a division of a square (or a rectangle) into nine equal parts with the help of two vertical and two horizontal lines. The points where the liness cross are called „golden centres”. Elements located in these centres are always eye-catching.

For today’s challenge I have chosen a division accentuating the bottom left corner of the square. I know that the map seems overly schematic, boring even, but I do really count on your creativity. I am very curious how far your imagination will carry you as well as what techniques you will decide to apply to modify this composition basis.


In my work I have decided to use the unpredictable power of watercolours and – instead of one big, horizontal photo – two vertical ones. Please, feel invited to take part in the task and try your best with the classic „golden division”.

I’m sorry but I have to show you all the details of this layout… The photo don’t reflect the dicersity of media used here…

oh yes, a lot of Prima things here 🙂 well… I love them :)))

And if like the colours here, and you want to know something more about the whole process I made on such kind of layout, you definitely must take an amazing Through the Kaleidoscope Workshop by Amy Heller on TPiaB, where I am one of the contributors, and I made something  similar to this 🙂

8 Komentarzy to “Scrapidées sketch & I”

  1. It’s very very beautiful !!!! I love

  2. ależ magia! nie da się opisać słowami

  3. Thank you for including the close up photos. The details are beautiful!

  4. It’s beautiful!!!! Love, love the colors!

  5. Wow, this is amazing! Which mask did you use for the gesso or paint in the background?

  6. Incredible texture!!!! I love it!!!!! 🙂

  7. Piękna praca.


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