don’t forget to smile today!

Let’s smile, let’s do something funny and let’s scrap on I {lowe} SCRAP summer papers! This is my favourite VIVID collection:


I used here four different ‚VIVID’ papers and a piece of ‚LET it GO’. There is also some Freckled Fawn masking tape (there are a lot of NEW tapes!!!) and my favourite Lily Bee alphabet and American Crafts embli.

as always i used a lot of media: gesso, moedelling paste, watercolours, inks and textil paint

If you would like to see more inspiring layouts from I {lowe} SCRAP summer collections  you must visit ILS blog.  Today and tomorrow,  every few hours we will be publish the latest works of our amazing design team.

Do you already buy the latst issue of {entreARTistes} magazine? Notice who is on the cover of this issue 🙂

And inside… you can find my whole articles about ‚neon-gray‚ mini-album. Have a lovely weekend!!!


9 Komentarzy to “don’t forget to smile today!”

  1. What beautiful colors!!! this collection is amazing and your LO is beautiful!!!
    Kisses from Spain 😉

  2. This is just amazing! Huge fan of your work!! I sooo wish your paper ranges were available in Australia =)

  3. I would like to win the candy if I’ll end up buying, jejejeje 😉

  4. You make amazing scrapbooks!

  5. Amazing – love the colours and the collection!

  6. Ta mise en page est magnifique et félicitations pour la publication 🙂

    Your layout it’s very beautiful and congratulations on the publication 🙂

    Kisses from Paris 🙂

  7. superbe !!! j’adore ces tons de verts………

  8. This is so awesome! I love all the shades of yellow and green!!!


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