Yo soy de Kits de Somni!!!

Welcome everybody!!! 🙂 I had a beautiful day, and you? I have some biiiiig news to tell you. From now I am officially one of the designer Kits de Somni!!!
Kits de Somni scrapbookIsn’t it great?! An of course I have for you my first work make for the latest sketch. You can see more layouts made on these scheme on Kits de Somni. And here is my work:

I used white-dots paper from I {lowe} SCRAP ‚VIVID’ collection, some pieces of papers from’This is it’ collection by SODAlicious, Freckled Fawn washi tape and a lot of ChicTags goodies!

you can also find some LilyBee alphabet stickers, Studio Calico brackets and Dear Lizzy Neapolitan stickers.

11 Komentarzy to “Yo soy de Kits de Somni!!!”

  1. This is a beautiful page!! I so love all your layering and so cute little details!! 🙂

  2. lovely page and congrats to your new DT, i love Mireia and KDS

  3. Cudny!!! uwielbiam delikatność Twoich scrapów 🙂

  4. i’ts beautiful. i like that.

  5. great dear! you’re very welcome 🙂 you know!
    thanks for your time.. and for All projects will be make together 😀

  6. Great! elegant and fresh!

  7. gratulację AM 🙂 Piękna praca taka delikatna i miła 🙂

  8. Nos vemos en Kid de Somnis, que ganas de comenzar con el tutorial i todo el kid. Un saludo.

  9. Your blog is very nice, I like it. Thanks for you inspiration in Kits de Somni!!

  10. piękna praca. taka delikatna, letnia. podziwiam 🙂


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