online workshops!!!

Today I have some BIG news (and this is only a begining of them in this week!!!). Together with Nulka we joined to our friend Jaszmurka to the Kits de Somni design team, and from this occasion we have something amazing for you!!!

Us three with Mireia from KdS (idea, help and sponsorship), composed a special SODAliciousI {lowe} SCRAP kit and made three different tutorials show how to make a mini-album!!!



All of the tutorials are based on the same kit. 1 KIT :: 3 DISENIOS. You can buy it at the Kits de Somni shop or you can compose the goodies by your own. Our tutorials are avaiable on Kits de Somni and they are translated into three different languages!!! You have an opportunity to read them in English, in Spanish and in next week – French! So almost all of you can take these classes!!! The Kits de Somni website is in Spanish, but you can translate it using Google Chrome.

These are  little sneak peeks of my tutorial:

I have also an amazing giveaway for you!!! From all of you who leave  a comment below this post and who will publish our banner on the blog (in the post or a sidebar) I will pick ONE happy person and I will send MY TUTORIAL directly to the winner!

I will announced the winner on Monday so you have almost four days to leave the comment and publish the banner!!! How wonderful, isn’t it?! 🙂


32 Komentarze to “online workshops!!!”

  1. LOVE this kit – can’t wait to see what you all did with it!

  2. Oh I love mini albums. Thanks for the chance to win your PDF.

  3. It’s so cool. I love this kit !!! but the kit it’s out stock.
    About the giveweay, i have publish the banner on my blog :

    (sorry for my very bad english).

  4. Ohh This looks very interesting. Will share on my blog and thank you for the chance to win!

  5. I love your works, so I’m leaving a comment as well 🙂 :*

  6. What a great prize-I LOVE your style!!

  7. Great chance to win, thank you! 🙂

  8. Great opportunity! The kit looks great…

  9. Ooooooh yes, I have already ordered my kit, and just look at the tutorial: amazing, fantastic and perfect.
    Your work is pure ART !!! I LOVE IT :))
    Ptnts xo

  10. Thank you for great opportunity! Banner is on the right side of my blog:

  11. love this kit and would love to win a spot in the class

  12. I have just seen your tutorials and they are full of inspiration, great work, girls!!! kisses from Barcelona!!! 😉

  13. Ilove it!!!!!!!

    thank you


    Beatriz Pb.

  14. I like your style, so I try to win 😉

  15. I’d love to be that happy person 🙂
    I love the kit and your style!

  16. Gratulacje! Twoje prace są świetne więc nie dziwie się że jesteś w tylu wspaniałych DT:D

  17. Świetnie, gratuluję!!! 🙂

  18. Ustawiam się i ja! Miło byłoby zdobyć takie tutkowe ciacho:) pozdrawiam, ach!

  19. An, to było oczywiste, że będziesz osiągać takie sukcesy!
    Życzę Ci jak najwięcej takich radości! :))

  20. really wonderful! and the kit is soooo lovely! looking forward to tutorials 🙂

  21. Oh yeah !!!!!! Incredible sneak peeks !! I love it ! And I love these products !!!
    I play to your game ! For me it’s here :
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway !!!!!!! Choose me ah ah ah ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!Hihihihihi !!!!!!!!!! Hohoohoho !!!!

  22. Thanks for the chance to win your PDF.
    i have publish the banner on my blog :

  23. Lovely looking workshops! I so would love to win, I’m crazy about minialbums! I posted the banner on my blog’s sidebar.
    ps. we are namesakes! 😀

  24. Byłoby bardzo miło wygrać 🙂

  25. Super 😉

  26. wow! Gratuluję! :*
    Może jeszcze zdążyłam się załapać? 😉

  27. Hi ania!
    I just made one scraplift of your Lo in KDS! Hope you like!
    Kisses 🙂

  28. I made the I Lowe Scrap mini album (used my own papers) and loved it! Would love to get the kit and try other 2 as well.


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