I am taking a deep breath…

… and a break from…

I won’t write from what I take a break, because the list would be extremely looooong… ‚take a break’ – this is the latest theme of SODAlicious art-journal challenge. All of our design team interpretations were published today on SODAlicious blog, please take a look, the girls are amazing 🙂

These are my pages…

I know this is so emotional, but I am like a fireball and I have to throw all of these out.

The first page was inspired by… I don’t know what inspired me to do it in such way… I only remember that someday I saw something like this on the Pinterest. But it was a while ago and I  don’t rememebr who was an owner of this painting.


3 Komentarze to “I am taking a deep breath…”

  1. O tak – take a break to i mi by się przydało. Really long long break… Cudny wpis!

  2. Great blog! Great style! It’s very inspiring! Love it!

  3. love love LOVE


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