‚summer dreamer’

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m so excited about our new collection designed by Ewa Kujawska and me!!!  It calls ‚Summer Dreamer‚ and it definitely has a vintage feeling. I was looking it for ages!

The papers are super stylish.  The colours were inspired by the fake polaroid photos and an old posters with some amazing typhographie on them.  The palette is full of mints, peaches, pinks, blues and neutrals – rather neutral with the pops of colour here and there. ‚Summer Dreamer‚ is perfect for recording everything from vacation to everyday moments.

For this line Ewa designed wonderful, retro touches journaling cards with an awesome phreases, I really love them!  This line invites to enjoy life in every minute! This is what I need the most.

If you would like to take a closer look at these papers, you can click HERE and you will transferred to the I {lowe} SCRAP blog, or you can just click on the one of my blog pages >>> MY PAPERS.

I am so curious what do you think about them, what do you like the most and specially – what will you do with them when you get them!


7 Komentarzy to “‚summer dreamer’”

  1. Oh, I totally love your new papers!! Such a gorgeous color theme!! Really really pretty!! 😀

  2. lody miętowe, lody truskawkowe, no jak ich nie kochać. nie wiem, czy dam sobie radę z takimi świetlistymi cudami, ale z pewnością będę przynajmniej próbowała. chcę je już, teraz, natychmiast 🙂

  3. rhoooooooooooooooo i love it so much !!!!
    i adore it so much !!

  4. There are wonderful! I want it! 🙂

  5. Uh, I really love love love them!!

    btw, so many Marias here in the comments. 😀

  6. *love* !! Simply dreamy 🙂

  7. Psst..the link to the shop is missing? 😦


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