workshops in Barcelona!!!

Hello!!! This day is a RED day, because I finally can announce you, that this autumn I will be teaching workshops in Barcelona!!!

Together with Nulka (Anna Wach),  Jaszmurka (Martyna Slowikowska) and the organizator of this huge event: Mireia from Kits de Somni, we will be teaching two days full of different classes!!! The event will take place in the first October weekend: 6-7.

There will be a lot of mixed-media classes, layouts classes, mini-album and art-journal classes. We will spend the whole two days together in beautiful place in the center of this amazing city, in B,14 –  el primer club de arte contemporaneo de BCN!!!

We also have a great sponsores that are: I {lowe} SCRAP, SODAlicious, American Crafts and Studio Calico!!! So you have to be sure that we will be working on the great products from these companies.

You have no idea how excited I am about this event. I will be teaching new people in the city which is one of my favourites ever with one of my favourites scrap firends! It will be a great adventure for everybody! So I really can’t wait! I know that we will have a lot of  fun together.
Remember: October 6th-7th, Barcelona, B,14 centre, ILS, SODAlicious, American Crafts and Studio Calico… 5(!!!) different classes + special make & take, amazing kits, new mixed-media techniques, new trends in scrapbooking, trendy colours, giveaways and amazing food in B,14 special menu (and Sangria – of course 🙂 – I hope so, because I loooove Sangria!).

So if you are sure now, that you would like to sing up, you just have to contact with Mireia . If you have any questions please ask!


7 Komentarzy to “workshops in Barcelona!!!”

  1. Hello! I have already pointed to super weekend in Barcelona! I have that desire, I love your work … all in overall :)))
    ptnts xo

  2. Wish I could be there 🙂

  3. Ania, we will finally meet in person and it’ll be a really pleasure, you know!!! 😉 Kisses from Barcelona!!!!!

  4. WOW. szalejecie, laski. Polska domaga się podobnych atrakcji

  5. Zawsze wiedizłam, że podbijecie świat!
    Wielkie gratulacje, Aniu!!!!!
    Dzięki Wam, to będzie na pewno coś strasznie wyjątkowe pięknego.

  6. na na na na 😀
    Nie mogę się doczekać!


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