feminine side of the ‚Craftsman’

You already know this awesome collection as the best for your men – it’s true, the papers are made for them but I would like to show you the feminine side of this collection.

Just to remind you, here is the poster of the ‚Craftsman’ goodies:

What do you like the most? Well my favorites are the bulbs and the beautiful stamps! They are so purposeful and they fit everything 🙂 The paper palette is really cool, I looove the navy shades on it… also the browns looks good. Now it’s time for girlish layout. Say what you want but I think that the ‚Craftsman’ collection is simply designed for feminine pages! Look!

I added the resist flower canvas, some stamped leaves and the spots of gold glitter…

Here and there I used a little gesso and washi tapes form Freckled Fawn as well as  watercolour paint! They give the layout an artsy touch 🙂

Ok, so add the girlish things like: flowers, delicate stamps and a piece of vellum… also you will have to use a very girly photo for the best results 🙂 Tomorrow I will show you the second ‚Craftsman’ page – this time it will be boyish edition!


4 Komentarze to “feminine side of the ‚Craftsman’”

  1. À beautiful look vintage !

  2. Cudny, cudny, cudny scrap 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous photo too! All very dreamy.


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