triangle challenge

Welcome in the begining of the new week! I just start my four-days vacation with friends  in my country house, so I probably won’t have an internet 🙂 Well… I think I find some outside the wood when I would like to past some pictures on my Facebook page 🙂 I can’t leave you for so long!!! But you have to understand that I need to celebrate every last bit of the last week of summer vacation…

Ahahhahaahha, ok I know, nobody will cry 🙂

I have something special for you today. We have a new ‚designer challenge’ on Lily Bee blog. It’s a Melissa Stinson’s choice. The TRIANGLES challenge – so you simply have to use some triangles and be inspired by them in your works.
This is my ‚triangle’ layout made with Lily Bee products:

I used Lily Bee lines (Double Dutch and Buttercup) and my favourite Freckled Fawn washi tape 🙂

I also cut a series of triangles out of a small piece of patterned paper and backed a few of those openings with contrasting colors. Yet another great way to incorporate this trendy shape 🙂

yeees!!! I forgot about SODAlicious wood veneer chevrons and chevron stamp.

And now it’s your turn! Create a layout of your own using triangles and upload it to Lily Bee Flickr gallery to be entered to win a fabulous prize package! There are a few rules which you will find on Lily Bee blog 🙂


7 Komentarzy to “triangle challenge”

  1. how cool! its a wonderful LO! thanks for the inspiration! and have a wonderful and save trip! enjoy!

  2. Love this! Both the colors and the layout!

  3. This layout is just gorgeous! Loving all the triangle, that die cut piece is perfect!

  4. Amazing! I love that background!

  5. Wspaniała praca! Podziwiam za cierpliwość klejenia tych trójkątów. Jesteś niesamowita!

  6. o jaaaaaa! jaka Anusia na zdjęciu!


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