I’m back! :: Austrian workshops

Hi!!!! I’m back from my first Austrian workshops!!! I spent four amazing days with a lot of fantastic girls in Morbisch neer Vienna. I will show you a few pics, well… ok, it will be a lot of pictures here so be patient and please stay with me till the end of this ‚presentation’ 🙂

An the begining I explored Eisenstadt a little bit…

… and next Karin take me to Morbisch – a beautiful, tiny village next to the cyan lake 🙂 We worked and eat and spent a wonderful time in a peaceful place which belongs to adorable couple – Bettina and Ralph:

Der apfelstrudel war sehr lecker :)))

At the next day we start our mixed-meedia workshops. Work in progress…

these are some of ready layouts made by the girls (Alexandra, Daniela, Sophie, Anna, Isabella)

And now some pics with girls.  Tomorrow I will make a special post with photos from Morbisch. Ok – this is me and Andrea, Karin and Alekxandra…

… and here is the crazy part with Sonja, Anna and in the middle – with Denise 🙂


3 Komentarze to “I’m back! :: Austrian workshops”

  1. Thank you very much for your great workshop and the inspiring words… and the singing… 😉 It was great fun to be experimenting with so many different medias and just to let go scrap habits and try something totally different… 🙂 dziękuję serdecznie! 🙂

  2. ale super zdjęcia! 🙂 też chcę kiedyś sie załapać na takie warsztaty, jeśli atmosfera w rzeczywistości była taka jak na fotkach, to musiało być MEGA 🙂

  3. gorgeous photos and projects! Always great inspiration!


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