the POPs OF!!!

I’m back from Barcelona, I’m alive 🙂 So sorry but I still don’t have enough of free time to write something more here about my latest trip, but I promise I will paste some pictures from BCN workshops and my favourite, beautiful girls 🙂

Today I have to share with you with our latest I {lowe} SCRAP collection designed by me and my dear friend Ewa Kujawska  :* We would like to dedicate it to all fans of the winter season. Please welcome brand new ILS collection: the POPs OF!

The whole collection consists of ten patterns (5 double-sided papers) and two stripes: one side of every stripe is patterned with polka-dots and the second has three phrases tags.

If you would like to take part in ILS CANDY and win one of three sets of our NEW – POPs OF collection – just click >>>HERE<<< and leave a comment under the post.



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