announcing a new book :: Journal It!

I am thrilled to officially announce myparticipation in brand new book by Jenny Doh: Journal It!

It is a book that contains the fascinating whys and the signature hows of 19 amazing journalers. I am honored grateful to have worked with these talented contributors. They are: Julie Balzer, Jill Berry, Sarah Atwater Bourne, Alisa Burke, Debra Cooper, Belinda Fireman, Bob Fisher, Susanna Gordon, Bruce Kremer, Katherine Jebsen Marwedel, Corey Moortgat, Melanie Mowinski, Zom Osborne, Jeannette Sclar, Carolyn Sewell, Susan Shelley, Roben-Marie Smith, Alison Worman and ME 🙂 The biggest ‚thanks’ I send to the one of the most creative crafty artists I know – Jenny Doh!!!

The book officially hits bookstands November 6th
but it is available for pre-order on Amazon right here.

Book arts, journaling, and collage come together in Journal It!, where 19 mixed-media artists showcase their signature techniques, tips, and creativity boosters. With over 200 inspirational photos to guide them, even beginners can create works of art right from the start.

So, if we talk about art-journaling pages I have to show you some of my latest creations made for SODAlicious art-journal challenges. The first was ‚IDEA‚ and the second (posted today on SODAlicious blog) is ‚TELL ME...’

I used SODAlicious journal, ABC stencil and stamps, ILS the POPs OF tag, Lily Bee alphabet stickers, Chic Tags tag, AMerican Crafts rub-ons and Freckled Fawn washi tape.


8 Komentarzy to “announcing a new book :: Journal It!”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Your works are awesome and you deserve it!!! 😀

  2. Wow !!! Super, gratulacje – uwielbiam Twoje artjournalowanie 🙂

  3. Super – serdeczne gratulacje!

  4. Just wanna say that this is handy , Thanks for taking your time to write this.


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