NEW issue of 30×30 magazine

We welcome some winter and Christmas inspirations on ILS blog! We have a pleasure to show you the next issue of  ’30×30′ ILS magazine!!! You will find tere a lots of works with Tis The Season collection and the POPs OF papers! There are also some Chrismas ideas for your home, holiday cards, tutorials and articles. You will find a few layouts made on sketch, layouts made with glitter and LOs prepare with the colour of this winter – turquoise. If you are curious who is it just look inside!

So… it’s time to make some coffee, sit down and enjoy chillin’ afternoon!


One Comment to “NEW issue of 30×30 magazine”

  1. Trafny wybór! Kasia wymiata! ach!
    P.S. Cały numer bardzo inspirujący.


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