a few picks from my BCN workshops

Hi my sweet girls! – Hola chicas!!! 🙂 It was a fabulous meeting! I am so grateful to Mireia for inviting me to Barcelona. I have to admit that the Spanish girls are very gifted and full of passion! They made an amazing layouts and mini-albums. They are also very bold in their work with paint and other mediums – I am so lucky!

Here you have some quick photos of my girls. I don’t remeber every name, beacuse there was more than 50 girls there! But I remember a few like: sweet Maria, lovely Monica, crazy Gigi, Alezia, Helena, Cristina, Judy (Scrap) :), Alba, Rosa, Olga, Ruth… a lot, a lot of fabulous girls! Thank you for this amazing time together!

And here I would like to show you two layouts which were made for the BCN workshops. The first one was created for the practise with gesso adn watercolours and crayons /pencil doodlings. The second is a presentation of using gesso with the stencil and ‚how to make a glitter splashes’ 🙂

I {lowe} SCRAP :: VIVID collection, Amy Tangerine remarks, Dear Lizzy alphabet stickers, SODAlicious stamps, different media.

I {lowe} SCRAP :: POPs OF collection, Prima Marketing mask, American Crafts alphabet, Freckled Fawn washi tapes, Amy Tangerine remarks, glitter, different media.

If you would like to see more POPs OF layouts you have to click >>> HERE <<< and take a look on the latest ’30×30′ ILS magazine!

9 Komentarzy to “a few picks from my BCN workshops”

  1. I had a great time in yours workshops!!! I’m very nice to meet you!!!! I hope to meet you again soon!!!! 😉 Kisses from Barcelona

  2. GREAT LO’s!!! I love Barcelona!!! ♥ Would love to go there again! 🙂

  3. I had the honour to meet you in the Workshop, and so happy to see me face in this collage!! ^^ ladylauscrap.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks Anna, great jobs! I remembre that i will send a email with directions for sail in Mallorca…

  5. The techniques in your layouts are gorgeous……will you have a PDF for sale teaching them as well? I would buy it for sure!

  6. To była przyjemność pracować z tobą. Kocham swoją pracę i …. Twój śmiech!
    Buziaki z Kraju Basków,

  7. thanks to you! was so funny and beautiful weekend!! laughter and crap= perfect time! 😉



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