Welcome November! I’ve always liked this month when I was younger, because in the end of November I have my b-day. But now… you know 🙂 It’s not that  enthusiastic as it was earlier. This year I decided to become a huge fan of November – why not? I will feel better with my positive perception, and I will be nicer… for everybody 🙂 I hope so :)))

Ok, stop ‚talking’ and come back to the point. We have a new sketch of the month on I {lowe} SCRAP blog >>> HERE <<<, and below is my variation:

ILS papers ‚POPs OF’, ‚Tis The Season’, Dear Lizzy stickers and stamps, Freckled Fawn washi tapes and Badges Folie badge ‚!

6 Komentarzy to “November”

  1. Gorgeous. Love it

  2. It’s gorgeous, that’s cool a new tone pink in her job!!!!!!

  3. AM, on jest zachwycający! :*

  4. Waow!!! So beautiful!!!


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