PPP time

It’s time for Prima Marketing PPP for November!

The colours were really hard for me to use, but as always a rather neutral base allowed me to make some bold splashes 🙂 Oh, how I love this!

this is PRIMA 🙂 even if you use a small range of products, patterns and embellishements – it always looks extremly rich 🙂

so welcome my ‚glamour’ face for Prima once again

12 Komentarzy to “PPP time”

  1. What a gorgeous LO! Always love your artistic touches♥ So perfect!

  2. I think the colors are really hard to work with, too but your layout turned out stunning! It is so amazing! LOVE it!

  3. i like it a lot.

    and you really rocked these colours!


  4. niesamowicie 🙂 Tak ciepło i malarsko. Piekna strona! Lubię jak poskramiasz Primę 🙂

  5. Beautiful layout!!!! 🙂

  6. I do love all your layouts !!!!

  7. What an amazing layout ! So beautiful !

  8. Wow, this is great! Love the color spots all over the page!

  9. What a beautiful page! I love it so much!!!


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