les petits bateaux…

… in Tuileries Gardens 🙂 I’ve made these photos in April when I was with my beloved son in Paris. Les petits bateaux were the best entertainment for him. Thus, we have the common favourite place in Paris – Tuileries Gardens.

I’ve made this album especially for my classes in Barcelona. The girls made an amazing interpretations with ILS Summer Dreamer and POPs OF papers!

You can find here some Studio Calico ‚Abroad’ embellishements, Amy Tangerine stickers and envelopes, SODAlicious stamps and Freckled Fawn washi tapes!!!

24 Komentarze to “les petits bateaux…”

  1. Oh this is wonderful! Makes me want to roam through my Paris photos and try out a scrap lift! You are so inspirational!!!

  2. Love this project!!! it´s so cute

  3. it’so so beautiful !! i love it 🙂

  4. Superbe ! Wonderful 😀

  5. I just „discovered” your blog yesterday and I am so happy! What amazing work…everything is an inspiration! Thank you!! Cheers:)

  6. it’s so beautiful, waouhhhh

  7. Lovely mini!!!! 🙂

  8. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO INSPIRING AND AWESOME!! Beautiful details and color. Love it!!

    inspirant et génial! De beaux détails et des couleurs.

  9. So awsome!!! I love the lightness and your way of doodeling.

  10. AMAZING!!!! I just love all the details!!! Sweet photos!!! 🙂

  11. This is so pretty, I love the soft colors and the touches of green paint!! 🙂

  12. What an amazing album – just love your style.

  13. It’s very beautiful !!!!

  14. This us purely gorgeous!!

  15. I dont think I have ever come across scrapping I love as much as yours in 7 years.. OMG… and the paint addition to your work.. just absolutely STUNNING…. OMG XXXXXX

  16. Cudowny… aż chce się tam być. Natychmiast 🙂

  17. love it ! Amazing project !

  18. What a lovely mini ! Colors and details are just perfects … love it !

  19. Izigarri maite ditut paper horiek eta zure argazki argiak. Nere oraintxe finitu dut eta ixtantean nere blogean zintzilikatuko dut.

  20. Wcześniej pisał mój na moim blogu! aby zobaczyć, co myślisz ..

  21. your work just blows me away!!!!!!!!!!!! you are one creative mad scrapper!!!!! dont ever give it up xxx


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