Yeah… it was a really weird evening and night with my friends… Three girls, two boys, one dog and… techno music 🙂 ahahahahah I took some pics but I will never show you any of them, ever. But I can publish my ‚after party’ photo. I drunk and mixed a lot of different mixtures, but even than, at the next day… I think I looked not that bad in this cyan blanket, don’t you think? 🙂 Just goofing. I took five pictures than and only this one looks good. Ok, let’s back to the mainly point of this post. I used this ‚hangover’ picture to create my interpretation of Lily Bee sketch designed by Lisa Dickinson:

I used a lot of different Lily Bee lines here, also beautiful stamps, and Freckled Fawn washi tapes.

Also I would like to share with you some happy news. This morning I found my copy of  ‚Journl it!’ – an outstanding book about creative journaling by Jenny Doh!

Jenny – thank you once again for inviting me to this project. The book looks amazing, and smells amazing, and every artist inside is amazing. It was a fantastic idea to create this. Congrats dear! 🙂

The book is now available on Amazon in extra prize! Click >>> HERE <<<!


15 Komentarzy to “…hangover”

  1. An amazing Layout !! Love the colors & the design !!

  2. Great news!! I’m so happy for you♥♥ And I just love so much your stunning layout♥

  3. Jaki radosny bałagan na tej stronie 🙂 Wygląda zaiste poimprezowo!

  4. you look great in your cyan blanket xD
    by the way beautiful layouttt ❤

  5. What have you mixed (in details please ;P)? BTW, gorgeous, just gorgous LO! … and big eyes. 😉 Buziole

  6. WHERE do we find your paper for sale? it tis beautiful

  7. you look gorgeous, hungover. love the layout! and congrats on the book!

  8. Fantastyczny LO Aniu 🙂 Dawno tu u ciebie nie byłam…

  9. Only YOU can make hangovers look pretty. 🙂 The LO is fantastic!!

    Books looks fun, too! Definitely gonna check it out. 😀


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