Giveaway winners!

I know you are really curious to know the winner of the Chic Tags blog hop and my December Daily tutorial made for Kits de Somni. So sorry for the delay but I just come back home and my e-mail box is full!

BTW I want to say a huge „thank you” to each of you have leaved me a comment. I am really appreciated all the kind words you leaved to me! I hope you find some lovely inspirations sources over here.

So let’s back to the point of this post. The winner of the Chic Tags blog hop here is…

…Victoria Freze…

and who win my December Daily tutorial…

…Annette Schneider…

Congratulations for both of you girls!!! Please write to me on my e-mail :***

I also have a good news for all of you English-speaking customers of Kits de Somni – I know that lot of you can’t buy the tutorial because of Spanish language site. Now the December Daily tutorial is available on Etsy shop! here:

>>> DD tutorial on ETSY <<<

Tomorrow I will be back here on my blog – I hope for good. I have to prepare my December Daily album, and show you some washi workshops! Thank you once again for your kind words :***

One Comment to “Giveaway winners!”

  1. wow wow! I’m a happy winner:) thank you so much!♥
    congrats to Annette!


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