Version Scrap

Yeah! That’s how I start this post 🙂 God… my last weeks are so AMAZING!!! I have a lot of awesome news to announce you this week! Today it’s Monday so for a good begining I would like to invite you for my first classes in PARIS! 🙂

Version Scrap Paris

I will be teaching three days full of three different classes!!! If you are interested in details just click


Les inscriptions sont ouvertes!!!

Click on this Version Scrap page, choose Anna-Maria Wolniak as your ‚professeur’ and category ‚tous’ and you will get some details about all the workshops! I am so excited that I will have an opportunity to meet you all!!! I promise I will learn some words in French 🙂 ahahahaha AMAZING!!!! 🙂

So this is the end of my exciting news for today, but I have something different – a new layout. I can finally show you my creation prepared for Freckled Fawn colour challenge. The palette was hard for me because I really don’t like this shade of orange, but in the other hand – it was an interesting challenge for me.


I took this photo a few weeks ago when we were in Paris. I choose this one because I found it perfect for this Frecled Fawn palette. I add a lot of white (I used white paper from ILS POPs OF as a base) and some minimal mixed-media actions. I embellishemed it using Chic Tags labels and little tags, Dear Lizzy ‚5th & Frolic’ stamps and alphabet stickers and Freckled Fawn arrows-patterned washi.



9 Komentarzy to “Version Scrap”

  1. Impossible for me to go at the end of my reservation… The site of VS is an enigma for me… Grrrrrr!

  2. jestem zafascynowana twoją twórczością. Ach Paryż…. piękne miasto…. zazdroszcze 🙂

  3. I’m so happy you’ll come to Paris ! I’ll try to make a reservation

  4. fantastyczna praca! te kolory.. i może to głupio zabrzmi ale francuski wygląda zaje…iście na Twoich pracach (choć przyznaję, że nic nie rozumiem :)))

  5. great news! and lovely layout!

  6. Great page!

  7. Hi Anna !
    I’m going to register for a workshop with you in Paris VS on Saturday 6th at 10:00. There is no indication about how long the workshop will last. Can you tell me more please ?

  8. I will be here in April, for Be Bold workshop! Can’t wait!!!


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