Studio Calico :: January Reveal

I adore Studio Calico kits till I found saw them for the first time. I grabbed the Block Party Main Kit and two Add-Ons (1 Pollard Avenue and 4 Wooodbrook Road).


Kits are available for purchase and there’s also some new shop items this month too. Block Party has also a set of printables, they really help fill up the kits. I managed to create eight layouts this month and if time allowed I would have kept on going!

This one is my Main Only layout for January:

pompidou SC

When I saw this special Studio Calico circles vellum for the first time, I knew that I will use this picture! I made it a few weeks ago in Paris. It was directly in front of Centre Pompidou. I love when the motive or colours from the picture coming to my layout!

pompidou 2
I added my favourite printables and little mixed-media actions. I used two colours of watercolours – which I adore!
I tried to add as much green colours as it possible 🙂 I found some proper shade od green in the Main kit – the same shade as I have on my photo.

pompidou 1
It was my first ‚Main Kit’ work and I was stressed out, but I truly like this layout 🙂

This is the Pollard Avenue (no.1) Only; I add the chipboard ABC to dreate the topic (from the Main Kit), the rest is coming from this Add-On:

bath SC

I wanted to stick to neutrals for this one so I used a lot of beige, cream and pale blue. The only intensified details here are a piece of ocher chevron paper (you know this colour, don’t you… this is a dirty shade of yellow…), and the badge with adorable cow 🙂
I decided to use here this beautiful pale wooden paper as a background because the children on the photo swam in the exact same shade wooden tub!!! They had a lot of foam and they looked as bathed in milk.

bath 1
I made here a lot of layers, I used almost every paper from this add-on. The maily shape theme here is a start – I added a lot of stars! I also stamped three sweet tiny duckies – do you see them?! 🙂 Who will find them?

bath 2

Gold glitter was my perfect finish here. I think it fit splendidly.

7 Komentarzy to “Studio Calico :: January Reveal”

  1. I love them all but especially the layout called „bath”! Love the colour scheme!

  2. Coś niesamowitego! 🙂
    Szczególnie ten drugi 🙂

  3. Great LO! Anna-Maria! Are your favorite watercolours in your Main Only LO (Pompidou) Ecoline watercolour? And wich shade, if is not secret. 🙂 I think blue is maybe 580, but what about the green?
    Thanks in advance. Noemi from Hungary

  4. Gorgeous! Would love a tutorial on how you make your „splashes.”

  5. great layouts! love that first one! So bright, colorful and fun!

  6. Gorgeous layouts! Just LOVE what you have done with these kits!


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