Studio Calico :: Saturday

Hello! This is a first Saturday after Studio Calico Reveal and I still have a lot of layouts made with Block Party kits to show you! So let’s start 🙂

the apple of my eye SC

This is my son Jan. He is my greatest inspiration, the apple of my eye 🙂  I found this photo which I made in the begining of 2o12 and I decided to finally scrap it! I found some lovely embellishements in the January’s kits. I mixed here the main kit with different add-ons. This time I also create a pattern using the circle stamp from Westbrook Road add-on and red chalk ink.  I’m a little ‚eco-freek’ so I also recycling a piece of chipboard’s package as a backgroud of the layers.  I decided to stick with red and blue as the main colours of this page. I used some lovely printables – beacuse I loooooove printables so much!

apple 1

apple 2

And here is the second layout I have for you today – it calls „We’re going places” 🙂

on the bridge SC

I really like this picture so my idea was stay in rather clean & simple convention. I am not very c&s girl so it’s always hard for me to make such decision.  I wanted to used this printable speech bubbles – I think it’s really well designed!  I played with some gesso and watercolours – as always on my projects. The colour palette has been a favourite of mine this month. I think that light shade of blue and bold yellow fit perfectly together. I can’t get enough!  I love doodling on my pages lately so I add some multiple circles on this one too.

hello world 2

Hello World

Thank you for stop by here for a moment 🙂 I wish you an amazing Saturday and I will be back tomorrow with other Studio Calico Block Party pages.

5 Komentarzy to “Studio Calico :: Saturday”

  1. those are so gorgeous!!! I love them both! the colors and layering are stunning!

  2. Love your layouts ! They’re really beautiful !

  3. J’adore tes deux merveilles !

  4. amazing, Ania! love the first one so much! and i really love how your photos always are edited soft and dreamy and your choice of papers always work so great with this:)


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