Studio Calico :: Sunday

It’s that time again – the sweet Sunday post with my Studio Calico Block Party kits layouts. It’s not a secret anymore that I love the January kit, truly adore 🙂

This is one of my favourites layouts this month and it calls: ‚Maybe I will build my house on your cloud’. I made it as my third project. I love it so much because I used here my favourite cold colours – blue, cyan and green. I adore this mix. I mixed the main kit with the products coming from Pollard Avenue (Add-on 1) and Woodbrook Road (Add-on 4).

Good Life SC

I used some Mister Huey’s mists and Circle Graph mask – this is one of my favourites. I also used a ‚triangle’ stamp and blue chalk ink to make a patterned stripe below the picture. I make some pencils doodles and next I staggered some circles, splashes, little stars, enamel dots and brads away from the photo. In the right corner you can find on of the wood veneers bubble – I really adore them!

This is my last project create with Block Party kit. Once again I use a colour scheme with yellow and blue, but this time the shade of blue is almost navy and it’s coming from the picture.

rise & shine

These are the photos of my dear son who is an early bird… I don’t like it much :/ I like to sleep till 9/10am, but when he comes under my quilt and smile from ear to ear I have no choice – I also smile 🙂  I made here some vellum sunbursts – the motive that I like a lot last months. I tried to stay in a ractangle composition in the centre of the base. Even if this layout is static it’s not boring because of those „messy” elements like: tangled threads, pencil doodlings and some black ink splashes. I always remember about stamping dates – my favourite for that lately is Studio Calico roller date stamp! Oh, and I have to add that I am totally in love in these tiny red alphabet stickers!!! They are absolutely fab!

rise & shine 2


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4 Komentarze to “Studio Calico :: Sunday”

  1. You give me such a good reason to recycle my tangled thread! Love the texture that it gives your pages.

  2. Beautiful layout! I really love the white with pops of color!

  3. superbes pages, j’aime j’aime j’aime !!!


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