Ein Scrapbook Werkstatt Event!!!

Welcome in the last day of this amazing 2o12 year!!! I have some infos for my scrap friends lives in Germany!!! It’s all about our ILSScrapbook Werkstatt in February.

Werkstatt kopia

OK, I don’t understand almost nothing, but I think you prefer to get the infos in your own language, so… here you are, this is an official event site:

>>> HERE <<<

if you want to book the place now click

>>> HERE <<<

I really can’t wait to see you there!!! We will be playing along with media and a lot of  BRAND NEW ILS papers and Studio Calico embellishements!

I don’t make any summary this time… It was a very good year, but I already know that the next one will be better! So be prepared for some splendid events, remarkable pages and outstanding albums ahahahah 🙂

I wish you a magical, beautiful, full of joy and treasured moments New Year! May 2o13 be your best year yet!


3 Komentarze to “Ein Scrapbook Werkstatt Event!!!”

  1. Happy 2013 Anna-Maria!!!!
    Lots of kisses princess!!!!
    =) Leti

  2. Wszystkiego, co tylko najlepsze Aniu. I nie mogę się doczekać twoich inspirujących prac z materiałów SC 🙂 :***

  3. How exciting. Congratulations!!!!!


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