Today is the second reveal day on ILS blog! I would like to present you our second line – full of surprises! I hope you will feel like in the candy shop here! Please welcome ‚WHY NOT?‚ collection:


WN- 1

WN- 2

here you have two stripes full of tags and.. the stickers!!! (wach out! the nasty words are only for European girls 🙂 and (OMG!) two sets of stamps! how cool is this?! (here you will also find some rude set for European girls). But! if there’s any US girl who would like to use them – I will be happy to meet you 🙂

wny not embellishments

Come and take part in the sweet CANDY on ILS blog, you can win this collection!!! CLick >>> HERE <<<. Have a nice day! Oh, and I wish my Spanish friends get an amazing presents today!!! 🙂


7 Komentarzy to “‚WHY NOT?’”

  1. Zaniemówiłam, szczęka na podłodze, wow!

  2. girl, this collection is just incredible, love everything about it. & this American girl is PUMPED to get my hands on those stamps ;]

  3. Awesome collection, I can’t wait !

  4. I have never seen anything more refreshing than those „nasty word” stickers and stamps! Love love love!

  5. Powtarzam się, ale, ale…
    Jesteś najbardziej utalentowaną scraperka ever!!
    Te kolekcje są obłędne.
    Ty jesteś obłędna. 🙂
    Brawo, barwooo!

  6. I for one is an American who would buy those stamps because my mom and sister would love them! Another very cool collection.

  7. Love everything about this!


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