Tribute to…

I was sitting at my empty table and thinking how to start… I get the colours form ILS January palette and have no idea what to do. Completely nothing (!) came to my mind that evening. And finally I decided to come back to the past times, when I was making a lots of scraplifts. This is always a good idea when you don’t have any concept. I started to passing through the ‚Pinterest ocean’ to find something inspiring. Finally I found – beautiful Tara Anderson’s layout, the old one, but probably it catch my eye because of the colours. I was always a huge fan of her pages so I decided to refreshing my static compositions and create a kind of tribute to the Pink Couch 🙂

Anna-Maria kolory stycznia

I used ILS ‚DIVINE this LINE’ papers, ‚cameras’ washi tape from Studio Calico ‚Block Party’ main kit and cardboard chipboard letter also from this kit, Dear Lizzy ‚5th & Frolic’ stickers, Amy Tangerice ‚Sketchbook’ stickers, SODAlicious wood veneer circles and a piece of ‚This is it’ 6×6 papers.

It was fun to refresh something. It gives me a lot of power to create my own layouts and once again try to start making any new compositions. Till this day I make three different layouts and all of them have some repainting framings. I will show you them soon and I hope you will like them. So thanks to Tara once again – these full of circles style is definitely not my fav. but it gives me a lot of inspiration and power for the future. Now I am in love with dynamic diagonal lines 🙂


11 Komentarzy to “Tribute to…”

  1. This page is fabulous !!!
    Have a good day.

  2. Sweet… And I agree with the title! 😉

  3. Piękny lift!!! a prace Tary też uwielbiam 🙂

  4. Beautiful J’adore !!!!!!!!!

  5. waouhhh !!! amazing !!!

  6. original and beautiful!!

  7. I’m not much of a scrapbooker anymore (I changed to art journaling/mixed media) but I do like your layouts!


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