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Hi! This is an amazing Saturday! I can hardly believe that six years ago from today, my baby boy was born! He has brought more light and love into my life that I could have ever imagined! I hope I will show you some photos from our party tomorrow 🙂

PP kopia

And today I invite you for a PAPER PARTY on BRAND NEW Dear Lizzy site! Today you can read my article about ‚LAYERING TIPS‚! I wrote a few point about materials, kinds of possible layers, about creating layers and why this effect is such incredibly gorgeous!

I prepared a few different examples to illustrate this article and Elizabeth choose this layout. I made it for my dear friends for their second anniversary together (it’s so sweet that it was scarcely their second anniversary…).


I used Dear Lizzy ‚5th & Frolic’ stickers, die-cuts adn stamps and ILS ‚Marine’, ‚Summer Dreamer’ and ‚POPs OF’ & SODAlicious papers.


I encourage you to visit Paper Party site and read a little about layering – it’s not that difficult as it appears! And we are waiting there on your own layered pages!

9 Komentarzy to “Layering tips :: Paper Party”

  1. piękny! 🙂

  2. I love the colors – it is so gorgeous!!

  3. So gentle!

  4. Love your layout, so beautiful. I have make a scraplift here :
    See you soon in Paris !!-

  5. This is beautiful!! I love the how soft and sweet it is!!

  6. Happy birthday to your little boy! I don’t know about boys but six year old girls are so fun (and challenging!!)..beautiful page and thank you for sharing tips on layering! One of my scrap goals this year is to layer more paper 🙂 I tend to layer media instead….cheers!

  7. ten też dżordżius ♥



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