‚Sundrifter’ layout!


Today I have my first Studio Calico Sundrifeter layout!!! As I know ALL of the new collections are in the Studio Calico SHOP now! I’m sure that they won’t wait for your descision so just go there and grab as much as you can!

best friends-

I took a white cardstock, Mister Huey’s mists and Sundrifter Circles Mask and combine a spontaneous composition. Next I placed a photo and started to add some feathers from the Sundrifter Die Cuts Shapes set, pieces of  Sundrifeter ‚Love Wins‚ paper (oh, how I love it!!!) and a lot of stamps from Sundrifter Frame and Feathers Stamp Set and Sundrifter Love This Stamp Set – they are amazing! I love everything about them. Here you have some details. If you have any questions just ask :*

best friends 1

best friends 2

best friends 3

Remember to check these BRAND NEW collections in Studio Calico SHOP now! :* Have a beautiful weekend! And – my sweet girls from Germany… I’m coming to Frankfurt tomorrow!!!


7 Komentarzy to “‚Sundrifter’ layout!”

  1. Absolutely love this!! You are such an inspiration!

  2. Piękna strona! bardzo kobiece i eleganckie.

  3. so beautiful and girly!

  4. Yeah – and I’m so happy to meet you there!
    Wonderful Layout!

  5. great layout! as beautiful as your others


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