Watercolour tips and more…

Hi!!! I have a next Studio Calico ‚Front Row‚ kits layout for you today. This one is full of watercolours and…  OK, this is a project ‚with a wink’ 🙂  But even if it’s a kind of joke, you have to admit that my hubby is pretty cute, aren’t he? 🙂
The idea of this layout has its roots in the Main Kit, more precisely – it’s all about the huge rainbow washi tape in the Scrapbook Main Kit. I was looking on it and think, think, think… and I finally decided to make something with a lot of watercolours. I try to paint something what suit to this green/blue washi.

God Dam you are handsome
I took a white cardstock, and started from the top of my layout. Next I add some PL cards and embellishments from the Project Life Kit, a pretty button form the Add-on 4 and a few things from the Main. I didn’t forget about the February’s printables 🙂

handsome 2

I also used these adorable wood veneer letters from a Darling Dear collection. You can find them in a Studio Calico shop.

Handsome 1

I have also a good news for Studio Calico lovers – there are lots of new goodies from the latest collection in the shop! Everything is available HERE. You should chack out all of the new colours of Mister Huey’s mists and amazing masks!!!



And one more news – very important and I think – most excited! EntreARTistes has a new web!!!

Bez nazwy 1

Here at entreARTistes, we believe every one has a creative soul. Whether it is scrapbooking, knitting, photography or any other craft, it liberates your soul and pushes you that little bit further bringing happiness and self esteem.

We are delighted to invite you to our new online craft platform. EntreARTistes.fr is:
  • an online community, where you’ll be able to share your creations, your favourite links, make new friends who have the same passion and chat about new trends .
  • a platform where you can enrol for online classes, create new projects using our tutorials, subscribe to our magazine, sign up for entreARTistes courses and more is to come.
  • access to a private message broad if you sign up for one of the online classes with the benefit of being able to exchange with your teacher.
  • a “sponsorship” system and loyalty program that will help you get points which implies prizes!
  • free tutorials, that will posted in our NEWS section,
  • digital elements, fonts, cut files for the silhouette, all which will be downloadable for free in our RESSOURCES section.
  • Hot off the press news (not to be missed!)
And more is to come!
Develop your creativity, in the comfort of your home, at your rhythm, and meet many other passionate crafters thanks to the entreARTistes community.
cropenligne copie
Passionate about Scrapbooking, knitting, painting, mixed media, photography or other craft, entreARTistes.fr will provide you will all the inspiration you need. Join us and discover an array of tutorials and online classes to jump start your creativity.
We are celebrating the start up of our new platform and invite you to join our FIRST online crop this Saturday February 9th.
And you know what – you can fins me there!!! In March you will be able to take my online workshops for a whole month!!! If you are interested just click >>> HERE <<< you can register today!!! You can choose if you want to take my class in French or in English language! I prepared two different mini albums and two various layouts. All of these projects are in different palettes and I use various techniques so there will be something for everyone. So if you don’t have enough time to meet me in person let’s have a few houres toghether at your own flat!

4 Komentarze to “Watercolour tips and more…”

  1. co za kolor! super z tą fotą! pozdrawiam!

  2. Jest boski!!! (mam na myśli scrapa, oczywiście 😉 ) i świetna ta szeroka taśma, w połączeniu z akwarelami wyszło genialnie 🙂

  3. Zachwycam się tą zielenią!

  4. Nieziemski! Przepiękny!


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