Scrapbook Werkstatt event!

It was an AMAZING event! ILS and Scrapbook Werkstatt made a special meeting with mixed-media workshops. We met a lot of fabulous girls there and we are in love with SW girls: Tina and Mireia (you rock!). We spent great time together with girls (our Saturday mates – it was a great evening, thank you!). We ate a lot of kartoffeln, schnitzel & apfelstrudel!!!

And these are some amazing layouts which were made by my fab. girls during the classes:


I am so happy that I will come back to Germany so soon!!! Meet you on a C@R event in March with some new classes!!! Can’t wait!

And when we talk about the classes…

Do you know that Studio Calico open registration for their new classes?! YOU’VE GOT MAIL:


Join Lisa Spangler and her talented contributors for a month of cardmaking tips, techniques and inspiration. Lisa has been teaching and sharing her love of cardmaking for years, and we’re thrilled to have her enthusiasm in the Calico Classroom. She’s joined by a cardmaking dream team of contributors – Jennifer McGuire, Maile Belles, Shari Carroll, Teri Anderson, Robyn Werlich, Kelly Rasmussen, Dawn McVey, Tami Hartley, Kandis Smith, Julie Ebersole, Dani Flanders & Betsy Veldman. Whether you’re ready to try making your first card or a frequent crafter of handmade greetings, You’ve Got Mail will give you tips and tricks that you can turn to over and over.

While supplies last, students will receive a 4x6in clear stamp set – the stamps will ship free to you, no matter where you are. We’ll update this page when the stamp set is no longer available.

Students will also receive printable accents and labels from Hello Forever, a digital brush set of the class stamps, and window card, tag and accent cuts from Kinsey Wilson. These will be available in the classroom on March 1st.



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