Welcome in Neverland!!!

Those of you who know be better know, that my favourite fairy tale ever is a story which take place in Neverland. Yes – I’m in love with ‚Peter Pan’! I know this novel very good and I adore Wendy, her little brothers, Lost Boys, Captain Hook and other pirates, mermaids… And now – Studio Calico – named new kits using characters from this story!

So I would like to invite you to ‚my’ Neverland and show you some sneaks 🙂


happy fairy4

sunny day1

the story2

And I also have something special for you… You can like it, ignore or hate it but you can’t miss this special mozaic ILS DT created for you!!!  Check the ILS blog  there’s a little Valentine’s Day contest for you!



2 Komentarze to “Welcome in Neverland!!!”

  1. Hello, I’m new here!
    Let me tell you how I love this page! The colors you’ve used are fantastic!

  2. oooh.. Lovely Neverland!


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