Version Scrap sneaks!

Hi! Today’s post is addressed to my French (and not only) girls who will come in the begining of April to Paris on the biggest European event – Version Scrap!!!

Version Scrap Paris kopia

As you know I will be teaching three different classes for three days! I really can’t wait! I have to say that I am ready now, and I can show you some workshops sneaks today! THREE MINI-ALBUM CLASSES!!!

BE BOLD – this is a mini-album class. We will create an album in all shades of gray (all associations are irrelevant) 🙂 with some neon accents – you will have a choice if you want to choose yellow or pink neon elements. The sponsores of these workshops are:

Color Conspiracy, Scrapiniec, SODAlicious, 7 Dots Studio and Freckled Fawn!!! There are only 14 places for Sunday’s class.

Be bold

MEDIA & DOODLING – this is a mini-album class as well. But at this class we will combine a bright album. You will also have a choice if you want to create something in pastels or you prefer the bolder colours. Of course I will teach you how to get a watercolour effect on the pages using various media like inks, watercolours, mist, Faber-Castell gellos, etc… The sponsores of the workshops are:

ILS, Studio Calico and Scrapiniec. There are only 19 places for Sunday. Here are some sneaks of the project:


POWER COLOURS – this is ALSO a mini album class. During this workshops I will show you how to compose the pagse from neutral papers and next how to add some pops of colour on it using embellishments and mixed-media actions. We will be  playing with gesso, watercolours or other mediums you will bring for the classes. There are still a lot of free places on these classes so don’t let them wait for you so long! The sponsores of this class are:

ILS, Studio Calico , SODAlicious and Color Conspiracy. Here are the sneaks:


I hope we will meet there! I love this city, I adore French girls and their creativity – I can’t wait to see your minis and layouts!!! If you have any questions please ask here, below this post!
Have a beautiful day! We have a greatcome back of winter – but I hope it will disappear soon… I miss spring so much…


MATERIALS you have to bring for the classes:

gesso, watercolour media (it depends what do you have at home and what you will like to use, or learn how to use): watercolours, colour inks, ecolines, Faber-Castell gelos, Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon mists or other mists (all of them are good enough), watercolour crayons; a pencil, a black pen, minimum two different brushes (rather small ones, one soft and one hard), black china ink, black stamp ink, various stamps (a date stamp, different roller stamps will be good… arrow stamps), scissors, glue, double-sided tape, adhesive foam (!), crop-a-dille/scraparatus or other whole-make things, a ruler.
About the pictures – I used only black and white photos to all of these projects. Most of them have a square shape – like from Instagram. Not bigger than 7x7cm, but we will handle with all what you will bring for the classes. Brighter photos are always better for my classes.


25 Komentarzy to “Version Scrap sneaks!”

  1. I am a little bit desapointed because I took the power colors class and I was thinking it was a mini album class. so I checked and on the version scrap site it is written it’s a mini album.
    But that’s fine I am glad to meet you!

  2. Bonjour Anna-Maria, Je voudrais apprendre à manipuler les encres, disposer les couleurs et jouer des graphismes. Le site de Version Scrap ne précise pas si l’atelier Media & Doodling est traduit en français. Le sera-t-il ? D’autre part, faut-il amener du matériel de base ou tout est-il fourni sur place ? Merci de ta réponse, Pascale

    • Bonjour Pascale, I hope you will understand me in English 🙂 If not you can put this answer into trnslator. If you asking if there will be a translator during the classes – as I know someone will translate me into French. If you are interested in ‚Media & Doodling’ classes yes – you will learn how to use various media from gesso, threw atercolours, mists to pencil doodlings. During ALL those classes I will share my knowledge about these media – so all of them are rather simmilar in the case of technique. The difference is in the kind of project, different materials and different palettes of the projects.
      I will let you know what you will need for the classes. Now I’m sure that all of you will have to bring: gesso, watercolours/mist/Faber-Castell gelos/crayons, a pencil, a pen, a black china ink, black stamp ink, different kind of stamps will be great, minimum two kind of brushes: one soft and one hard; something for water, paper towel… I hope I answer on your question 🙂

      • Merci beaucoup Anna-Maria pour tous ces renseignements ! Je me suis inscrite à l’atelier Medias & Doodling. J’ai hâte d’y être et de „patouiller” comme on dit en français. Désolée de ne parler ni polonais ni anglais. Heureusement qu’il y aura une traduction 😉 à bientôt à Paris, Pascale

        • Certaines annees, j’ai étudié le francais, mais parlent avec difficulte vient. Mais nous pouvons certainement parler pendant un moment. 🙂
          Desole pour mon francais.

  3. Hi Anna Maria, as Anouk I’m very desapointed because I took the power colors class and on the version scrap site it is written it’s a mini album. I’m not interested by layout … And the price for this class is the same than the other class but it’s only a layout ….
    I’m happy to meet you but it’s very embarassing that VS site make a mistake …

    • Marie – I think you should write to VS in this case. I didn’t make a mistake and thank’s God I write this now. I promise that it’s not „only a layout” – of course you will not get so many papers…
      If you can change your reservation for a mini you should write to VS now.

  4. Thanks you so much for your reponse Anna!! I think so that VS make a mistake in the translation …. It’s very embarrasing for you and for the student. I’m writing an email now to VS …. but unfortunatelly your other mini album class in the saturday is „complet” … I’m happy to meet you and make a class with you and hope that VS will propose me an arrangement …

    • I was mailing with Version sscrap and we will change the classes – and POWER COLOURS – you are signed for – will be a mini album classes and MEDIA & DOODLING we will change for a layout. This is the only solution we can make to fix this mistake :/

      • Hi! I’m happy to read that POWER COLORS will be a mini-album class. I hope it’s ok for you and didn’t give you a lot of work for prepare this mini ?? Thanks you very much for this change 🙂

        • oh that’s very cool!!! we will do a mini album that’s just perfect!!!!! thank you so much Anna for the arrangement I love you!!!!

  5. Hello!! I’m very happy because I took my place for your class at the first day it was possible!! I really like your scrapbooking, and I’m impatient to meet you!

  6. Hi Anna Maria, I would like to know the workshop be bold if there are things essential to bring, I did not order my place for the workshop, but I hope to do very soon, and hoping that when I can buy it there will still be places thank you very much

  7. Hi Ania-Maria,
    I’m so happy to meet you at VS. I booked the media & doodling on Saturday. From the comments above, do I correctly understand that it will not be longer be a mini but a layout? I hope not. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  8. Thanks for your answer! Keen to see in Paris.

  9. Hello Annia-Maria! I spent several years in VS but this year I will not be able to go, sniff! But I wanted to say to anyone going to do a workshop with you to know a wonderful artist and an amazing person!
    Anytime, I hope in the Basque Country. A kiss,

  10. Hi Anna Maria, I’ve booked your class „Power Colors” on sunday 7 th ; how many photo do I need for this project ? So happy to work with you !!!

  11. Bonjour Anna Maria,

    Je suis inscrite pour l’atelier Média et Doodling, j’ai hâte de te rencontrer enfin sur Version scrap. Vivement avril.
    Céline de Noisy

  12. Hi Anna, I finally ordered my studio Be Bold on Sunday morning, I’m so happy, hate to be the day to do this workshop with you, be bold a question about when do we know the number and the size of photos for this project? thank you cordially Aline kisses


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