broken blots

PP kopiaHi! This is my new article wrote for Dear Lizzy PAPER PARTY! Last time you receive from me some basis of watercolour painting that enable you to create an unusually attractive background for your layouts. And now let me share with you the secret of wonderfully broken blots. For this effect use quite a big, round brush (no. 10 at least), moist it with water, then with a significant amount of paint. Placing the brush quite far away from the cardboard (you should preferably put the cardboard on the floor, stand over it and keep the brush high above the ground) wait until the drop of paint falls on the base. It is, naturally, a quite risky method as it is really hard to foresee the final place where the drop falls, but it is, undoubtedly, very spectacular.


 This time I was inspired by this green picture – I love it! It was a beautiful, sunny day and we were playing, and hide and seek in the corn field. I took some amazing photos and this is one of them. I was inspired by all of those shades of green.



I used some ILS ‚Divine this Line’ papers to create the base of this layout and my favourite greens from Dear Lizzy ‚Neapolitan’ collection. I cut and piece of ‚5th & Frolic’ die-cut, ‚Neapolitan’ sticker and rub-on and awesome ‚5th & Frolic’ clear stamps. You can also find here an amazing, wide, rainbow Studio Calico washi tape from the February ‚Front Row scrapbook main kit.


12 Komentarzy to “broken blots”

  1. Wow!!! zachwycasz!!! ostatnio w ten sam sposób robiłam tło do kartek 🙂 muszę jeszcze poćwiczyć, ale efekty są ciekawe 😉 a co robisz z nadmiarem wody? czekasz aż wyschnie? dzięki za akwarelowe ciekawostki – wciągają 🙂 pozdrawiam 🙂

  2. Wau!!! Przepiękny 🙂 Te kolorki…mmmm… super! Zdjęcie niesamowite, a caly LO taki wioseenny, bajkę przypomina 🙂

  3. So beautiful !!
    Have a good day.

  4. Beautiful!! Ania, I am speechless, the picture seems to have been broken down into different levels of colors and materials … but how do you do??? (and…ehm…pinned, of course;))

  5. świetny pomysł na tło 😉 LO przepiękne 🙂

  6. Ania, what brand of watercolor do you use?

  7. Absolutely beautiful. You did a great job on this layout! I’ve always admired how you use pain and ink on your layouts. Thanks for your continued inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

  8. Waoh! Piękne zdjęcie i strona spektakularny!

  9. A fantastic layout !! So fresh ! I’m a really big fan of yous style !

  10. WOW, GREAT!
    Really love it, I love green color! and with the pic, the result is simply amazing!


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