„So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land…”

I felt like I could fly when I opened my Studio Calico box in the begining of February! Yes – I’m addicted, I grab all the add-ons (Tink, Lost Boys, Wendy and Hook) as well as the Main ‚Neverland’ Scrapbook kit and Project Life kit! I made a lot of layouts and one mini album. Today I will show you only a few of them 🙂 Enjoy.


This is my first layout made with March kits – it’s only ‚Lost Boys’ page.  I choose this dreamy, watercolour paper as a base and found a proper picture. I past my photo with some printables and add a little bit watercolors and mist here and there. I decided that this adorable moon stamp will be the main part of the composition. Next I created a kind of garland and added a piece of custom white thread. I didn’t forget about the doodlings – this time I use also an Uni-Ball white pen.

happy fairy

This is my ‚girly’ proposition for this month 😛 sweet, little fairy. The base is coming from the Main Kit – I just added some craft scraps of paper and an old newspaper. Little PL cards with a sweet fruit pattern suit perfect here. I didn’t forget about gesso and watercolours and mists. I also use a piece of adorable masking tape from the PL kit.


Once again I took an old holiday photo I made last year at the seaside. But this time I added more colours to this palette. I decided to use almost all circle embellishments from all kits and add-ons, and printables 🙂 I mixed them all and combine this ‚circle’ layout. Of course I added the doodlings and vertical stamps made by NEW phrase roller stamp by Amy Tangerine from the Main ‚Neverland’ Kit.


You will never know how much I love this paper from the ‚Wendy’ kit until you touch it! I add some scraps of papers from the other kits, some printables. I added a few arrows and a title created from amazing wooden Amy Tan thickers. Unfortunately you can’t see it on the picture but there are some watercolours on this page also – if you are interested just check the close-ups 🙂


If you want to see my whole gallery now – just click HERE 🙂 Please don’t forget about digital files! I ADORE printables and I use them a lot in all my creations. Here you will find some ‚Neverland’s ones: HERE.


17 Komentarzy to “Neverland…”

  1. I just LOVE your work, so much inspiration 🙂

  2. These are sooooooooo beautiful!! love them all!!

  3. Your layouts are always stunning ! Love it !!

  4. Such amazing LO !!! wow !! Gorgeous !!

  5. Cóż mogę powiedzieć – twoje prace zawsze są dla mnie niedoścignionym ideałem. Jesteś niezwykła Aniu :**

  6. absolutely beautiful!!!

  7. Amazing layouts! That first one just took my breath away!

  8. Bellissimi Lo! Sono abbonata al kit scrap di SC, ma sono tristissima…non sono riuscita a prendere neanche un add-on 😦

  9. Your pages are all so beautiful! Each one inspires!

  10. The first Lo is my favourite one! And I like/quote everything about it…words included! Thank you for your da- by-day inspirations! DanielaC.

  11. This page are very beautiful !!!
    Have a Nice day.

  12. I love these! How do you get water color on your pages without warping them? I’ve tried everything nd it seems even gesso gets the paper all bent out of shape- it’s the main reason I don’t use them as much as I would like them. The droplets step by step is AWESOME!!!!

  13. Beautiful layouts, I like them all a lot!! 🙂

  14. Uwielbiam te prace, za ich delikatność i taki klimat jak ze snu 🙂

  15. Really perfect layouts!!



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