This is Me class


Sign up for BRAND NEW Studio Calico classes!!! THIS IS ME – this is all about handbooks and mini albums! If you have a problem with finding yourself on all these pages these classes will help you, and show you how to start and how to end 🙂 I will sign up for sure – and I encourage you to do the same!

Tell your story. Join Lexi Bridges for This Is Me, a self paced class that will give you the push you need to complete a Handbook or mini album that captures your personality, your quirks, your favorites, and everything that makes you YOU. Lexi Bridges has tackled this topic in her fresh and modern style, and she’ll be sharing an in depth look at how her Handbook based album came together. She’ll be joined by an amazing line up of contributors who are all telling their story in their own style. Jennifer Pebbles, Laura Kurz and Leena Loh will all be working with Handbooks, and Nicole Harper and Rachel Denbow will be making minibooks.


While supplies last, students will receive a bonus class kit containing journaling cards, wood veneer word accents, a stamp set, two triangle shaped clips, a badge and washi tape. This kit will ship worldwide for no additional fee. We will update this page when the kit is no longer available.

Students will also have access to Photoshop brushes of the class stamps and of journaling prompts typed on Lexi’s vintage typewriter, printables from Hello Forever and Studio Pebbles, and cut files in .studio, .svg and .png from Kinsey Wilson.

On April 1st, you’ll have access to all of the class content, including an in depth look at Lexi’s album, a bonus PDF of journaling tips and prompts from Laura Kurz, a peek into how each of our contributors tells their story and two technique videos from Lexi Bridges. Join us on the class message board all month long for challenges and inspiration.



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